Dear Sen. Marco Rubio: Pretend Cuba is Mexico regarding urgency of legal immigration reform

After 10 long years of Mexican-Americans and Latinos fighting for comprehensive legal immigration reform because they do not benefit from Cuban amnesty, we are now hearing Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio state legal comprehensive immigration reform cannot be rushed.

It is a fact that the majority of those being deported are of Mexican descent so naturally we believe Rubio doesn’t feel the pain we feel.  [Mexican-Americans account for almost 70% of the Latin population pie while Cuban-Americans account for 3% of the pie.] Why should Rubio feel the angst and pain we feel?  His people benefit from amnesty so of course he isn’t in a hurry to help the Mexicans and other Latino groups who don’t receive privileged amnesty.

The solution is quite simple … all Marco Rubio has to do is pretend Cuba is Mexico with regard to the urgency of the matter.  Since Mexico is considered more corrupt than Cuba — wouldn’t it make sense to support a Mexican Adjustment Act that emulates the Cuban Adjustment Act?

According to a POLITICO story, Rubio stated CIR “…  cannot be rushed …

Rubio cannot be relied upon because he has changed his position too many times.  For instance, Rubio was against the DREAM Act before he was for it.  He kicked Mexicanos and other Latino groups while we were down and out in December of 2010.  Rubio also stated his support for Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant law via SB 1070 (he hasn’t retracted support of it), and now that President Obama has stated he wants to fix the broken immigration system right now …. we see Rubio being the person who is dragging ass. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed anti-immigrant organizations like NumbersUSA and the Tea Party movement align themselves with Latino Republican politicians who will support their similar anti-immigrant policies. They use the Cuban community who benefit from unique amnesty to attack those of Mexican descent because Mexicans account for almost 70% chunk of the total Latino population.

I support the Cuban Adjustment Act, but I do not support Tea party politicians like Rubio who forget  their relatives and family had compassion afforded to them.  We are not asking for amnesty with entitlements that are afforded to Cubans via the wet foot dry foot policy, all we are asking for is a secure border plan and legal immigration reform — without the government entitlements. We believe that’s reasonable.  Will Senator Marco Rubio who claims to be for less government insist on protecting the unique Cuban amnesty and at least one year of government entitlements using our tax payer dollar? Republicans have forgotten that the GOP has indeed supported immigration amnesty for years under the Cuban Adjustment Act(CAA). Under the unique Cuban amnesty program, Cuban immigrants can receive at least one year of government entitlements once their foot touches American soil. Since the Tea Party claims to be champions of government entitlement reform, it will simply be a matter of time before they want to do away with the CAA and their government entitlements, too.

The Mexican-American community which makes up the muscle of the Latin population numbers are watching Rubio closely.  We are recording and documenting how soon he reacts to Cuban-related crisis versus the crisis affecting my people via Mexican American families.

Oh, and by the way, we are noticing the Cuban American Texas Senator Ted Cruz is still Missing In Action (MIA) on immigration reform even though Texas shares the longest border length with Mexico.  But here is the thing — Cruz isn’t Mexican-American either so of course he doesn’t care to take the lead on this.   It doesn’t hurt him the way it hurts us.


President Obama wants to fix the broken immigration system, but Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio doesn’t want CIR “to be rushed” while Mexicans continue to be deported. More importantly, Cuban-American Sen. Ted Cruz is still MIA on CIR efforts even though Texas shares the longest border with Mexico. In other words, we see a non-border “Hispanic” being the vocal piece for CIR instead of the Texas border “Hispanic.”

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