Democratic Caucus Of Arizona Senate Begins New Year On Right Foot

Democratic Signatures

All signatures obtained by January 7, 2014.



Remember when certain Democrats were in support of a recall against Chicana law maker (D) Catherine Miranda? As of January 7, 2015, a final signature was obtained with regard to a letter addressed to the Arizona community regarding Arizona Democratic Sen. Catherine Miranda. Let it be known the Arizona State Senate Democratic Caucus stands united against a recall against Sen. Miranda.

Frank Mills Miranda, Angel Garcia, Gail Mokry Shoultes, Lou Lernor, Shirl Mora James and I were the initial voices who held a certain democratic political action committee leader accountable for a misogynist‬ term used against the female Arizona law maker.

As a key swing Independent registered voter, we reminded the community how Republicans in the State of Arizona have been successful in the past because of their "unified front" and we told Democratic leaders they should also have a unified front in the state of Arizona -- particularly when Independents are the largest voting block putting the Arizona GOP in 2nd place, and the Arizona Dems in 3rd place.

We were disappointed to hear about Democratic lawmakers who were actually in support of a recall against their own Democratic colleague Miranda, however, the below letter helps the Chicano and Latino community get on the correct "unified front" path because we can no longer tolerate Anglo(s)political bloggers such as Arizona Eagletarian [Steve Muratore] to be part of a political assassination attempts of a fellow Chicana law maker without proper justification.

A political stoning to death of a fellow Chicana who has helped promote immigration reform will not take place under our watch, and though we don't always agree with Miranda on every political issue -- we do know that she is a staunch advocate of immigration.

More importantly, and recently,  she blew the whistle on new lawmaker Rep. Jay Lawrence who was suggesting to put "non citizen" on Arizona immigrant driver's licenses on the eve of the Arizona Super Bowl. She informed immigration advocates and we now have Jay Lawrence officially stating he will not go through with his driver's license / immigration scare idea. Those who are participated in her political character assassination has much to do with her pro life views (she is a Catholic pro life Democrat)  when Ruben Gallego hand picked Aaron Marquez to run against Miranda in light of her pro life views. Both Ruben and Aaron attacked Miranda for her pro life views.  Rep. Ruben Gallego of all people should know better than to attack a pro life Democrat because he himself began his political career when he worked under City Councilman Michael Nowakowski who is a well know Catholic pro lifer.   That said, it is important to know that there are a lot of ‪#‎Catholic‬ pro life Democrats in Miranda's district and this is why she won in the first place despite her attackers. Catholic pro lifers want to see her in office, and it will probably be a matter of time when we see Miranda become a future Chicana / Latina Congresswoman.

We applaud Miranda for being proactive instead of reactive on the immigration front and we hope she will continue to blow the whistle on wrong doers who want to scare immigrants. In my view, she helped thwart a Super Bowl debacle from brewing in light of Jay Lawrence for House and his immigration scare controversy.

Below are the individuals who signed:

Senator Robert Meza, Ed Ableser, Carlyle W. Begay, David Bradley, Lupe Contreras, Barbara McGuire, Andrea Delassandro, Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, Katie Hobbs, Lynne Pancrazi, and lastly Rep. Martín J. Quezada.

Finally, there are critics out there who want to know why we are giving Sen. Catherine Miranda credit where credit is due in light of her being married to Ben Miranda, a controversial lawmaker, who recently passed away.

The answer is simple:  Do we judge a woman for acts committed by her husband?

The answer is no.

We often see those same critics who criticize Hillary Clinton for "standing by her man" regarding her personal marital views.  Bottom line: Hillary Clinton should not be responsible for what her husband does.  Ben Miranda's political decisions (may he rest in peace) were his decisions -- not Catherine's and Catherine so far has not supported any anti-immigrant policies in the State of Arizona.  If and when she supports an anti-immigrant laws in the State of Arizona, we will be sure to let her know how we feel and why we feel the way we do, but in the meantime, we believe in giving credit where credit is due.  She gets credit for blowing the whistle on an immigration scare and we applaud her proactive work.  The proactive work we should have seen when SB 1070 caught us in a surprise with our pants down.



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