Do Not Give Citizens For Better Arizona, Chad Snow and Randy Parraz Money When They Play Victim

What is it with men who try to intimidate women for not being in agreement with their views?  Is there something in the Arizona water?

We were happy to see a Leader of Stonewall Democrats Apologize For Using Sexist Remark Against Chicana / Latina Lawmaker, however, where is Republican Chad Snow's apology for publicly calling a "Latina" a "B*tch" because she does not agree with his policies?  This seems unbecoming of a lawyer and the public figure for Citizens of Better Arizona.

To my knowledge, I do not believe Snow ever gave that apology to that Latina, and even though I did not agree with that Latina either, this does not mean men should go around degrading women in public either.  Chad Snow prides himself on wanting to moderate politics on his Mormon page, however,  calling a Latina the "B" word in public will not get you there.  I think it is time for RepublicanSnow to be the better person and start apologizing the way Stonewall Democrats apologized.

Here's more from the conservative Sonoran Alliance:

Protester Chad Snow calls Hispanic woman a “crazy b***”


At the press conference, attorney Chad Snow, who led the recall against Russell Pearce and spends all day online trolling the Phoenix New Times leaving profanity-laded comments about law enforcement, showed up with a handful of scraggly looking protesters and tried to shout down Thomas. He got into an argument with a conservative Latina supporting Thomas and called her a “crazy b***.” When asked why he called her that, he said “Because she is. Teabaggers don’t believe in free speech.” Sounds more like Chad “Yellow Snow” Snow is the one who doesn’t believe in free speech. Doesn’t he have ethical responsibilities as an attorney to treat people with respect?

It does not stop there ... Snow has a history of trying to intimidate women.  See his Cease and Desist email below because his organization gets called out for supporting a politician who has a Domestic Violence record:


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