Somos Independents (a Get Out The Vote Group)  has stated repeatedly how we do not support taxation without representation ideas the Tea Party GOP has been offering.  It is un-American and is a dangerous slippery slope to introduce a heinous idea. 

Both the Chicano / Latino voting leaders as well as Asian leaders are against (R-CA) Rep. Darrell Issa's immigration plan that is essentially a way for the GOP to track immigrants so they can kick them out 6 years later.  

According to the Tax Lawyer, a paper published by Section of Taxation, American bar Association with the assistance of Georgetown University Law Center:  "...each year undocumented immigrants add billions of dollars in sales, excise, property, income, and payroll taxes—including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes—to federal, state, and local coffers.  Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants file annual federal and state income tax returns..."

Susan Pai gives us the pulse of the Asian voting community. She is also an immigration lawyer and here is an excerpt from her blog:


The Outrages In The Issa Memo

Issa’s proposal is that all undocumented immigrants need to register and cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security within six months…but of course, not all immigrants are eligible.

There are two outrageous shockers in Issa’s Alien Accountability Act memo. Immigrants who Issa says aren’t allowed to participate and must leave immediately include:

  • Relatives of participating aliens
  • Aliens with a pending deportation case

The ‘relative of participating aliens’ proposal creates an immediate and obvious problem; a race among immigrant relatives to see which family member cooperates with the DHS first. The winner of this Amazingly Cruel Race gets to (possibly) stay in America while everyone else in their family become The Biggest Immigration Losers.

Excluding “aliens with a pending deportation case” isn’t merely cruel but unconstitutional and borderline insane.

The idea here must be that the people in immigration proceedings already are the low hanging fruit: the people already out of the shadows with names and addresses on file, so they are easy to detain and deport.

Sure, it throws out the U.S. Constitution and the right to due process but it gives Issa an easy way to say he deported half a million people or so who’d put their faith in the American legal systerm.

While this manuver might bring cheers from the Republican base who imagine Mexican and Central America immigrants currently in deportation proceeding being tossed over the fence and back south of the border, conservatives would do well to remember that the immigrants Issa’s plan would kick out include every immigrant, not just the brown skinned people who cut your lawn and who built your home.

Darrell Issa mandates that if you’re in an immigration proceeding, back you go. That means everybody goes back; from Castro-hating Cubans seeking a better life to pale skinned Brits who fell in love with an American to Iranian Christians fearing religious persecution.   FULL STORY>>>>




According to IVN:  "The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. ... These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative."

Independent voters are committed to voting out the Tea Party Republicans.  As a get out the vote organization (where we put emphasis on Mexican-Americans, Latinos, women while organizing the growing independent registered voters) we have been successful in creating stronger coalitions with but not limited to the African-American community, the Asian community and Native Americans.  We anticipate the Republican Party submitting an immigration bill that is reasonable and will not create an underclass or taxation without representation before the November 2014 elections.  The more the GOP puts off a CIR bill, the more it will drive us to the polls out of righteous political anger reminiscent of the 2012 elections that cost the Republican Party the White House. 

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