Economists are more worried about Sanders than Trump. #ImWithHer


On the heels of the Democratic Debate in Miami, Florida, a recent story shows economists are more worried about Sanders than Trump, and according to the WSJ, more than 80% of economists see downside risks to economy if Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders elected, survey says.

Can you blame them?

In the WSJ Survey of Economists image above, you see the two extremes.  On one hand you have Donald Trump on the far right, and on the other extremist hand, you see Bernie Sanders.  Bernie has earned his position on the far left, after all,  during the Univision Democratic Debate last night in Miami, Florida, Bernie Sanders was called out for giving the socialist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro praise

From the Wall Street Journal

Markets rebounded over the past month as economic reports bolstered the case that continued -- though moderate -- economic growth seems likely.  The average survey respondent estimates the economy will grow about 2.4% this year and next and that the unemployment rate will fall to 4.6% in 2017.

A new President promising dramatic and immediate changes could quickly upend that. 

"It's stunniing to me the markets aren't more worried about it," said Diane Swong, founder of DS Economics, an economic risk-management firm.  The rhetoric on the campaign trail is full of "pretty startling stuff -- isolationism, nationalism, reduced trade flows.  We know what that does economically."

Even though economists are more worried about Sanders than Trump, according to Bloomberg: "...Trump would fit right in with European policies. His mix of nationalistic nativism and economic protectionism has proved a winning formula for far-right parties across the continent."

Hillary Clinton,however, is preparing to lay out an economic plan that seeks a center-left ideological course, rejecting ideas put forth by Republican presidential contenders but striking a contrast with her party’s liberal wing, according to the Wall Street Journal.  And being just left of center is far better than the extremism  both Sanders and Trump have to offer American moderate and centrist independent voters.


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