Brave El Paso Women / "Watchmen" Bear Witness to Anti-Immigrant Convoy Members From Murrieta California to El Paso (Carrying Weapon) To "Stop Invasion of Small Refugee Children"

Thank heaven for these Texas women (I'll deem as the El Paso adelitas watch-women) who were courageous enough to find out and discover what was going on and stand as witnesses to the anti-immigrant convoy.   There is video and photo of border convoy members who have weapon(s) in hand and who pride themselves for "stopping the invasion" of small refugee immigrant children who have come into our Nation from Central America. 

We appreciate Rosemary Puraverdad Martinez and Ana Reza for being watchmen to safe environment and communities.  

We would also like to thank the El Paso Police Department for stopping what appears to be a bunch of vigilantes and militia madness in Texas.  Vigilantes and tea party republican militia men in the State of Arizona have already claimed innocent lives for their carelessness when they claimed an 8 year old girl via Brisenia Flores and Juan Varela.   Hate crimes and weapons do not mix.  







According to El Paso Times


A convoy of anti-illegal immigration demonstrators was pulled over by El Paso police after receiving a call alleging that one of its members had threatened a pro-immigration activist who was following the convoy through the city on Sunday, officials said.

Police stopped the convoy of about 10 vehicles on Interstate 10 East between Lomaland Drive and Lee Trevino Drive early Sunday evening, backing up traffic to McRae Boulevard.

Police spokesman Det. Mike Baranyay said police received a call alleging a gun threat at about 5 p.m. Sunday, but that there were some inconsistencies in the allegation.  




Here is evidence where a member of the Border Convoy has a weapon in his hand while hiding his face in front of camera.  


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