Former Mormon and Relative of Mitt Romney via David Bennion Telling Latinos To Boycott the Vote

Full Disclosure:  David Bennion is a relative of Mitt Romney (a former Presidential candidate in 2012 for the Republican Party) who is encouraging immigration activists to boycott the vote in 2014. 

David Bennion also gave advice to the TEADreamers (who supported Mitt Romney in 2012) that had a negative outcome with regard to the Dream9, so much so that Rep. Luis Gutierrez distanced himself from "manipulative and racist DREAMers."  In fact, David Bennion supported Mohammad Abdollahi and Prerna Lal of where "Mo" is on the record for wanting to "KILL"  legal immigration reform in 2013.

We are blowing the whistle on David Bennion who knows that there are more brown immigration activists and leaders than Anglos within the immigration rights movement, and it is SHAMEFUL for him to continue to hijack the Chicano and Latino vote after he participated with Mohammad Abdollahi in 2013 in hijacking CIR. For the record, David Bennion is not a Democrat yet states:  "Democrats assume they have our vote."  This is Bennion's attempt to bamboozle immigration reform activists. 



It is more shameful to see  Arizona State University faculty member via Angeles Maldonado to suggest the same idea that would have Susan B. Anthony turning in her grave.    When are brown people going to figure out that there will be Republicans and relatives of Mitt Romney who have an agenda to hijack the immigration rights movement and now our vote.  Educated folks know and understand the power of our vote, and not voting is going backwards (not forward) when it comes to playing this political game.

Somos Independents has been registering new voters with emphasis in the southwest.  We will be getting out the vote at the University of New Mexico this upcoming Thursday and we will also Get Out The Vote at Chicano Park in El Paso this upcoming Sunday.  The likes of Angeles Maldonado undoes what we are fighting hard for, and we will take our complaint to ASU.





Now that David Bennion has convinced some of these DREAMers to not only support Mitt Romney in 2012, will he also convince these folks that Mormonism is the way even though the Utah Republican House of Representatives (all Mormon) will not advance immigration reform? 

Perhaps David Bennion can continue to convince some how Mormonism can teach these naughty immigration activists how to be gentle, *passive* too.  Like sheep led to the slaughter Bennion already asking the undocumented to turn themselves in in paragraph 7 here.  What's next?  Suggesting Mitt Romney's self deportation ideas?  More manufactured crisis situations in attempt to make the D's look bad after the Democratic-led Senate passed immigration reform over one year ago with the do nothing Republican-led House of Representatives blocking the CIR vote?







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We need greater organizing, relationship development, and media engagement on the part of those of us who agree we are a part of the voting rights/equality struggle.

It’s sad that there is so much ignorance on legislative and electoral engagement. We were lied to about executive discretion. We are being lied to about #WeCantWait, because the executive discretion strategy askes the 10 million+ who will be left out to WAIT. Worse, it makes those who are working for it subservient to the whims of whoever is President and to the House to sue.

Latinos had it in their power to #ElectReform in 2014. They were betrayed by what is one of the most incompetent strategies in civil rights history #not1more.

Thanks for holding our own accountable.
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