Ft. Worth, Texas: Watch Phoenix, Arizona's Superintendent Kent Scribner Closely

From one Texan to another:  Keep your eyes on Kent Scribner.

Phoenix's Superintendent Kent Scribner is leaving Phoenix, Arizona, and he is moving on to Ft. Worth, Texas.  But Scribner doesn't leave without first doing one last dirty deed of eliminating a fine principle by the name of Phillip Verdugo who has 25 years of experience as a principal -- 13 of which was spent as a principal of Maryvale High School. In this video, you hear mothers pleading for Verdugo to stay.

Why aren't these mothers being heard

Mothers I spoke to say it is because they are pushing for a bell schedule to get passed that will better the education of their children, and Scribner is essentially retaliating by cutting off power to a high school principal that has good rapport with Maryvale parents.

Why are teachers OUTSIDE of this district getting paid more to teach in title I schools?  Are they doing more to help our Chicano and Latino kids?  If so, why aren't they listening to these Spanish speaking moms?  This unfolding situation stinks to high Heaven of cronyism and elitism. These parents requested assistance from school and board to approve a bell schedule that would allow assistance to struggling kids and college and Career Readiness information which is a measure that has already been approved in 14 out of 16 campuses in the Phoenix, AZ, area. 

Why aren't there more brown and black persons chosen to be on the advisory board in a mostly Chicano and Latino school district?

Why are administrators essentially getting punished for listening to these Spanish-speaking parents?

Mr. Kent Scribner has a lot of explaining to do before he goes to Texas full time in October and he can begin with justifying eliminating a good principal without good cause.  Scribner should explain why he is not listening to these parents.  Despite their voices not getting heard, we will continue to share videos of a bunch of mothers and/or approximately 100 moms (parents) on social media that will inform other fellow parents of how officials are not doing their job that is in the best interest of their kids. This campaign will not only reach Arizona ...  but it will follow all the way to Texas in an effort to inform Texas mothers of how Scribner cannot justify decisions to have a good principal removed.  These Phoenix area mothers in a Title I school feel as if nobody is listening to them, and it is high time the governing board overseeing Maryvale High School pay attention. 

We are asking for parents to call the governing board (below) to reinstate Principal Verdugo, because it appears Kent Scribner has made up his mind to oust him despite the parents who think he has done a really good job!


  • Linda Abril:  (623) 849-8152
  • Lela Alston:  (602) 278-2002
  • Ian Danley: (602) 758-9370
  • Stephani Parra: (602) 345-0232
  • Stanford Prescott: (602) 620-1872
  • Laura Pastor: (602) 930-9675


As far as I am concerned, there should be no reason Title I public schools cannot get the same level of education as those in the Scottsdale Public Schools considering they get extra funding from the FEDS.  You can rest assured parents who have children attending Scottsdale schools get heard,  and just because many of these Phoenix, Arizona, mothers use Spanish as their first language -- it shouldn't be why their voices are not getting heard. 

For instance, Rosa Cantu, who is a parent where her voice is not being heard says:

If Maryvale school is the only one not providing college and career readiness support, perhaps this could be considered a discrimination issue against our students, and why is so difficult to implement?.... Who will think is not important to prepare the future work force?

That's a good question, and I'll add another question to Cantu's above:

Are board members being owned by the union? 

Inquiring minds want to know with this developing story, in the meantime ..... Rise up mi gente.  Get involved and make the call to the governing board (above) to reinstate Principal Verdugo in the event Scribner succeeds in getting him removed. 



(Above)  Mothers want their bill to pass that will advance their children in a Phoenix public school. Would teachers or union teachers  rather get paid for hours after school where classrooms are empty vs incorporating a bell schedule that would allow for assistance for kids?  Or is teacher pay for empty classrooms more appealing when teachers get paid extra for attending meetings after 3:30 pm?



 (Above) Parents requested assistance from school and board to approve a bell schedule that would allow assistance to struggling kids and college and Career readiness info....a measure that had already been approved in 14 out of 16 campuses.  Parents of these students told me Advisory committee at Maryvale failed to approve bell schedule due to union lack of political will and has since removed administrator and advisory facilitator Lisa Bundy with their second move to remove Principal Verdugo unjustifiably.



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You have serious problems at Phoenix Union High School District. Kent Scribner and principals are sleeping with the ladies. and in return the ladies are given administrative jobs. Administrative jobs are not given to the most qualified. Where are the School Board members? . The students are effected by this sick behavior. Mr. Silvas cares for the students and he lives in the community and he cares for the families. He will put the students first. He will not be intemidated by the unions.
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