Full Throttle Saloon In Sturgis Banning Native Americans and anti-Ted Nugent People from Commenting on Page

It has come to our understanding the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota is banning people who are asking them them to cancel the Ted Nugent concert they will be hosting on August 6, 2014.  In addition to banning people from their facebook page, they are hiding their 1 Star reviews, too, because friends of the Native Americans are giving them 1 star reviews as they push back against bigotry. 

According to the RAW STORY:

“I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy,” Nugent told Gannett Wisconsin Media on Tuesday. Put your heart and soul into everything you do and nobody can stop you. Sometimes you give the world the best you got and you get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you got anyway.”

“By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people,” he continued.

A petition protesting Ted Nugent bigotry  has reached over 57,000 signatures and it continues to grow, however, it appears the Full Throttle Saloon does not care about the several thousands who are against bigotry and Ted Nugent venues, and the Full Throttle may pay the price for turning a blind eye.

That said, if you are a biker, and you want good entertainment, I'm told the Buffalo Chips Bar in Sturgis is an excellent option.  They have entertainment ranging from Slash, to Alice Cooper,  Motley Crue, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, Queensryche, The Cult, Sevendust and many many more. 

It appears there will be a big showdown in Sturgis as Native Americans and those who stand with them against bigotry takes place near the Full Throttle in protest of Ted Nugent come August 6, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.


U.U.W.S. Sponsored... Protest Rally against "Ted Nugent" Concert..At the Sturgis Bike Rally 8/6/14.


Here are a few of the one star reviews we have captured in light of Ted Nugent playing at the Full Throttle:




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commented 2014-08-08 15:51:56 -0700 · Flag
Losers!! If they don’t like natives leave go to Europe!! Go back where you came from!!!!!
commented 2014-08-06 20:59:27 -0700 · Flag
Turd Nugent is a poop stain on the underwater of entertainment!
commented 2014-08-06 20:28:49 -0700 · Flag
I never even said anything about Ted Nugent. I just corrected a statement that was incorrect.
commented 2014-08-06 20:05:50 -0700 · Flag
Maybe you should marry Ted bigot racist Nugent. You may not realize it but you are in the shadow of a sacred place in the Black Hills.
commented 2014-08-06 20:01:13 -0700 · Flag
Maybe you
commented 2014-08-06 19:41:01 -0700 · Flag
Some of these statements are just ridiculous. George Binjen you are completely full of shit. The Full Throttle accepts cards. If you weren’t hammered and had credit on your card maybe it would’ve worked. These things just get blown out of proportion and idiots like you are good examples of misdirecting people.
commented 2014-08-06 18:51:18 -0700 · Flag
Ted Nugent and Garth Brooks should get together with some talk show host and compare notes as to how much they hate Native Americans, and then they should do a duet with each other, and have their song targeting their own racial people with whom they so dearly love; the KKK, the Neo Nazi’s here in America, and all the other red neck wasps that think hating what’s not them is a new and clever idea. I am very disappointed I used to like Ted Nugent, I even saw the Damn Yankees in concert opening for Bad Company. Bad Company was so much better. The point is had I known how much of a racist he was back then, I would never have seen the great Bad Company band. To me its finding out betrayal from someone who was close. Ted I think your time in all of the Americas is up. The Tribes have spoken, its time for you to take your guitar, cross bow, and white supreme self off our Sacred Native soil. You need to find a time machine and go to the days when your type of thinking is ok. Its never been ok, Ted, just in case your brain was going in to overdrive.
commented 2014-08-06 08:58:18 -0700 · Flag
Ted Nugent and those who support him and his views are racist and should be banned from the enterment business. If you can not respect the earth and the First Nations people then you must go far away. Ted Nugent is a good example what type of person not to be like.
commented 2014-08-06 08:58:08 -0700 · Flag
Ted and Full Throttle can not see, feel, hear , and understand the truth. Justice will be served.
followed this page 2014-08-06 05:43:12 -0700
commented 2014-08-05 20:17:34 -0700 · Flag
I will never go there again and am asking all of my biker friends and clubs to participate in this RACIST PIG!!! I use to even like TN tiny nuget but I will never buy or listen to his disgusting music again!!!!!
Hey tiny nuget if the only thing you have to brag about is the fact that you are not NDN then guess what? You didn’t have a damn thing to do with that, and you are only showing your ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2014-08-05 16:55:12 -0700 · Flag
a curse has been put on ted nugent,,so live it up ted nugent ,,your walk will be short..you look like you never bath and look like a drug addicate…have fun the great spirit is watching and judging you as we speak,,,
commented 2014-08-05 12:19:17 -0700 · Flag
Racism at its finest …. These people are sick, they make money off the weakness of others, not to mention the way they promote women as sex objects … I find them disgusting ….
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