Happy Veteran's Day: General Patton Turning In His Grave We Elected Draft-Dodger Trump


Happy #VeteransDay to all who served! Those who served our military and faced dangerous situations head on ... I implore you to summon that warrior spirit that will breed courage so that it can be contagious for others in a time of uncertainty. [You can bet your ass Patton is turning in his grave learning how Americans elected the draft-dodging son-of-a-bitch Donald Trump!]

A Trump presidency is not the end of the world ... it just means we have to do more shit, more work and be extra vigilant. It sucks having to do more work! Believe me! I have been advocating for a humane immigrant rights law for over a decade and it's discouraging sometimes. However, rather than bitch and complain... we have to suck it up. Pull up our bootstraps (if you will), and move forward and stare evil bigotry in the face. We've defeated racism before when we kicked #Hitler's asshole ... and we'll defeat it again. Those who fight for what is right has the arc of justice on their side -- always.

Be strong.

One of my favorite war heroes is General Patton. He had balls of steel and did what was right no matter the pies he got in the face for trying to instill courage in soldiers that were afraid to go to war. I understand why he did some of the things he did -- despite the controversies. Bottom line: He was instrumental in kicking Hitler's ass when all was said and done. How can you NOT admire that!


-- DeeDee

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