Go Alvarez! Race for San Diego mayor within 1 point, according to 10News/U-T San Diego poll

There is too much extremism in San Diego, and we are pulling for moderate David Alvarez to win the San Diego Mayoral race.  

According to 10 News, this will be a close race!

A last-minute surge for David Alvarez has propelled him to within one point of Kevin Faulconer for San Diego Mayor.  

Results of the latest 10News/U-T San Diego pollhave Faulconer with 47 percent and Alvarez with 46 percent.  Seven percent of likely San Diego voters are still undecided.

Can Alvarez pull it off?  “He did in the general election,” explained pollster Jay Leve.  “You have to be struck by the resilience of Alvarez and his followers.”

Compared to an identical 10News/U-T San Diego poll released two weeks ago, Faulconer is down two points, Alvarez is up two points.

According to the 10News/U-T San Diego poll, Latino voters now break 2:1 for Alvarez, whose support can no longer be characterized just as "young." Alvarez leads today, though modestly, among voters age 64 and younger. Faulconer's statistically insignificant 1-point advantage in the contest comes entirely from voters age 65+, among whom he leads by 17 points.

Women have broken sharply, late, for Alvarez. In three earlier polls, women divided evenly between the two candidates; now, newly, Alvarez leads by nine.

Upper-income voters have moved to Alvarez. One month ago, Faulconer led among the wealthiest San Diegans by 24 points. Today, Faulconer trails by two, a 26-point swing to Alvarez

Independent voters have begun to take a 2nd look at Alvarez. He had trailed among Independents by 23 points, now by 10.

Alvarez has closed the gap among moderates: at one point he had trailed by 21, now trails by five.

The contest is now even among those have started college and among those who have finished college. Both of these findings are improvements for Alvarez.

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David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer splitscreen

Alvarez, Faulconer meet in runoff election on February 11
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