GOP Leader Eric Cantor Office Has Small Children Removed by Police Threatening Arrests For Singing

Rep. Eric Cantor can't walk and chew gum at the same time in the political arena.
Rep. Eric Cantor can't walk and chew gum at the same time in the political arena.


See this video where police berate little kids for singing at Republican Leader Eric Cantor's Office.

For those who don't really know who Cantor is, Michael Takiff sheds why:

He writes:

These days Eric Cantor is steering the United States Treasury to default — and the world economy to catastrophe — as he defends to the death the sacred right of corporate jet owners to amortize their aircraft over five years instead of seven. Not long ago he was giving George W. Bush all the credit for killing bin Laden. Before that he was threatening to shut down the government over the budget bill. Earlier he claimed that the House of Representatives could make law without the approval of the Senate or the president.

Am I the only Jew in America who finds the House majority leader deeply embarrassing to our people? Am I the only tribe member who considers this smarmy yutz today’s numero-unoshonda fur die goyim?


And that’s why, Eric, if being Jewish means anything it means that we feel for the oppressed, the poor, the powerless. It means that we ask fat cats to pay a few more dollars to the IRS so that we don’t have to slash funding for Medicaid. It means that it’s an easy decision when we have to choose between continuing to pay subsidies to wildly profitable oil companies and retaining school lunch programs.

Eric, bubbeleh, put down the hair spray for a minute and pay attention. At the seder table every Passover we talk of freedom, we talk of justice. We don’t talk of cutting funds for the medical care of poor people. We recall that Moses said to Pharoah, “Let my people go.” He didn’t say, “Let my people pay a lower capital gains tax.”


If the GOP and Reince Priebus think Cantor is good for Women and Hispanic Vote outeach -- they had better guess again.  Do these Republicans think they will appeal to the women matriarch voters who are protective of children to begin with?

My they are out of touch.


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