Hillary Clinton wise in choosing an Irish Catholic for VP material

GOP registered voters beat us Independent registered voters by about 200,000 so far this year. Democrats remain 3rd place with Independents at 2nd place and still ahead of the Democratic voting block by about 600,000 voters. I repeat, Independents are ahead of the D's by 600,000 voters. A little bit of political Chicano advice to the Democratic leadership: Stop demonizing pro life Catholic Latino/a Democrats. Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton wisely chose an Irish Catholic Dem who is pro life in his private life as VEEP material. When you get local Democratic leaders such as Aaron Marquez who is the Vice Chair of AZ Dems using the Vice Chair position to influence people against "Hispanic"pro life Catholic Democrats, the AZ DEM leadership will lose the edge with regard to the growing Catholic Chicano / Latino Democratic voters. They ought to choose the hill they wish to die on, and in my opinion the growing Catholic Latin Democratic demographic is not really a fight they will win considering the Pope Francis of Rome is #ProLife. A huge chunk of Latino Catholics do pay attention to the pro life cues the Pope makes. If the Arizona Democratic Party leadership continues to interfere in the Democratic primaries and picking favorites -- they will continue to be in 3rd place in this state.

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