How Can Reince and the RNC Support Donald Trump Who Has Zero Political Experience With Draft Deferment?


It's no wonder former KGB Russian President Vladimir Putin lavished Republican Nominee Donald Trump with praises.  Certainly the Russian Kremlin would love to see a man with a cowardly draft deferment past become the President of the United States.

According to POLITICO:

The New York billionaire, who was a genuine student-athlete in his youth, came away with a medical deferment in 1968 owing to bone spurs in both heels, according to his latest explanation. But in seeking to downplay that exemption as “minor” and “short-term,” Trump’s campaign raises more questions than it answers as to how he sidestepped military service during the war.

That said, how can the Republican Party save face knowing they have a nominee who dodged the draft and who has no political experience? In fact, earlier this year, Donald Trump made a decision to choose an adviser with deep ties to the Kremlin’s Gazprom. 
According to Bloomberg Politics:
Over the course of his campaign, Trump has been a contrarian on Russia, floating the idea of reducing the American commitment to NATO and calling Russian President Vladimir Putin  a “strong leader.” “I think I would have a very good relationship with Putin,” he said last year. So it makes sense that Trump tapped Page for his foreign-policy team. In writings posted online, Page is a reliable defender of Russian intentions, and portrays U.S. policymakers as stuck in an outdated Cold War mindset.
Keep in mind that the Russian President Vladamir Putin (former KGB spy) earlier this year named the US as a national security threat.

Chairman Reince Priebus is going to have to swallow a huge hard vodka pill considering in 2015, the GOP spread myths and launched attacks against Secretary Hillary Clinton with regard to Russia.  However,  considering their Republican nominee (Trump) chose a top adviser with deep ties to the Kremlin --  it looks like the RNC may want to begin scrubbing their Russian myths off of their website, and add Trump's Russian adviser information instead.  Furthermore, late last year, Donald Trump lavished praise on Putin.

[Autocrat] Putin: I can’t tell you, Donald, how happy I am that you are vowing to do for your country what I have done for mine.


According to CNN:

Donald Trump on Friday praised Vladimir Putin and appeared to defend the autocratic Russian president when pressed about his alleged killing of journalists and political opponents critical of his rule.

One day after Putin called Trump a "bright and talented" and the "absolute leader of the presidential race," the Republican presidential front-runner returned the compliments, hailing Putin as a "leader" and pointing to his high favorability numbers in Russia.

It's no wonder a Republican Colonel in our Armed Forces is getting behind Hillary Clinton for President.  Watch the video here.

The retired Colonel stated:

A longtime Republican and former top adviser to Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq said Wednesday that he was voting for Hillary Clinton because "Donald Trump is not fit to be president." "He would be a dangerous person in that office," retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor told Anderson Cooper on CNN. "He would alienate many of America's long-standing allies, can't be trusted on the nuclear trigger, lacks character — and the foundation of knowledge necessary to be an effective president." Mansoor, 56, was Petraeus' executive officer throughout the war in Baghdad, particularly the 2007 troop surge.

According to Observer, Donald Trump's remarks regarding Putin and NATO could hurt him come general election time.

The Observer writes:

For these countries, U.S. allies concerned about Russian aggression and anxious to strengthen their alliances with the West, Trump’s comments questioning NATO are uniquely disarming.

This statement on ABC News This Week is the strongest and clearest expression of this sentiment by the GOP nominee: “What I’m saying is NATO is obsolete. NATO is, is obsolete and it’s extremely expensive for the United States, disproportionately so. And we should readjust NATO.” These statements are part of Mr. Trump’s America First foreign policy that seems to be based upon limiting immigration, limiting trade agreements and, in general, charting an isolationist course for the U.S..

Mr. Trump may come to regret his comments about NATO, and his demonstrably less than iron clad commitment to the alliance and its principles. Mr. Trump’s oddly positive views about Russian President Vladimir Putin may also come back to haunt him.


Russian President Vladimir Putin's KGB past helped shape his autocratic rule.  Something Trump is striving for.

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