Idaho House Candidate Apologizes for "Hunting Mexicans" Comment on FaceBook

According to the Associated Press:

"Idaho legislative candidate Jake Stephens says he was joking when he wrote on Facebook that he was out hunting Mexicans. The comment was posted underneath a picture of Stephens dressed in full camouflage and holding a rifle. Stephens, a Republican, is running against first term Rep. Ryan Kerby, R-New Plymouth, in the upcoming May 17 primary election. Stephens says he was teasing a close friend, who is Mexican, while commenting on his own profile picture back in October."

Initially, Jake defended his comments, but has now issued an apology to the tune of:

After speaking with my friends and family, I feel it is important to address a comment I made to a good friend of mine on social media which reflects poorly on who I strive to be.   Today, the media posted a story regarding a conversation I had with a Hispanic friend from October. Although it was an attempt at humor, it was in bad taste and is not indicative of who I am. My comment was offensive and disrespectful to our Hispanic community and for that, I am truly sorry. This, in no way represents my true appreciation for my Hispanic friends and neighbors and their contributions to the state of Idaho.

If my words have offended anyone, I would like to extend a heartfelt apology. That is not who I am and will dedicate the rest of my campaign to show the kind of inclusive, dedicated public official my voters expect me to be.  Transparency should be expected from our public officials, and my comment should be part of that equation. It is not who I am and, again, I am deeply sorry to all those my words have offended.

Jake Stephens

Today is election day for Jake Stephens in Idaho.  Will he win?

Here is how I responded:


Thank you for the apology. It was necessary especially when enough Republicans (than not) advocate shooting us like pigs, cockroaches and whatever they are calling Mexican Americans or Mexican immigrants these days.  Truth is, we aren't technically immigrants ... we are natives to the southwestern part of the United States.  We have had it with the Republican Party and their continued intolerance (now through Donald Trump). I repeat: We are sick and tired of the dehumanization process against our people.

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