Independent Voter Alert: Las Vegas Revolution Shooter Identified as Tea Party Right Wingers #DumpTheTea

The obstructionism we have witnessed occur in Washington D.C. hurts our Nation instead of moving us forward.  This tragic story below involving the killing of innocent police officers is another reason why women and independent key swing voters should Dump The Tea GOP come 2014 elections.  The Tea Party consists of extremists who have a record of wanting to shut down the government, obstructing the fixes of clearly broken policies and they will not work in a bipartisanship way.  According to IVN: "The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives [led by the Republican Party] is utterly unrepresentative.”

Partisanship and obstructionism is ruining our Nation.  Jared Miller was an extremist and will now be considered a domestic terrorist (not a hero) who shot innocent people and law enforcement officers in an execution-style way.  Jared Miller proudly waved his "Don't Tread On Me" tea party flag.  He was unfortunately confused about the direction of our Nation with no doubt having much to do with extreme views and rhetoric from Tea Party politicians. Most Americans know the purpose of the Tea Party and the  Dumping of the Tea in Massachusetts was to revolt against "taxation without representation" -- and yet we see extreme politicians like Congressmen Steve King, Darrell Issa, Lamar Smith pervert history and are on a dangerous slippery slope with their inability to work across the aisle.  

Today's politicians are the ones who are lining their own pockets with millions of dollars and are not appropriately representing the People of the United States.   So far the do-nothing Tea Party GOP have obstructed fixes to broken policies and have made it a point to stop the President of the United States at every turn. 

From the Raw Story: 

Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish

By Travis Gettys
Monday, June 9, 2014 11:32 EDT

A man who gunned down two police officers and a woman Sunday in Las Vegas left behind social media postings that show his concerns over Benghazi, chemtrails, gun control laws, and the government’s treatment of rancher Cliven Bundy.

Neighbors identified Jerad and Amanda Miller as the suspects who shot the officers execution-style as they ate lunch at a pizza restaurant, and then shot a woman outside a Walmart in the same plaza.

The couple’s apartment was searched Monday morning, and authorities in Lafayette, Indiana,confirmed that Las Vegas police had contacted them about the case.

Witnesses said the couple announced the shootings were the start of a revolution and draped the victims’ bodies with American Revolution-era Gadsden flags — bearing the slogan “Don’t tread on me” — that have become symbols of the Tea Party movement.

The couple exchanged gunfire with police as they pursued them into the store, but Amanda Miller apparently shot her husband to death before turning the gun on herself.  MORE>>>

Jerad Amanda Miller honeymoon

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