Independent Voter Group Gives Andy Tobin 2 Thumbs Down For Extremism and Supporting SB1070 Which Harmed Arizona's Economy

Tea Party activist Barry Spinka attends a rally in support of the state's Senate Bill 1070 immigration law in Phoenix, Arizona April 25, 2012. Several Supreme Court justices on Wednesday voiced support for Arizona's effort to crack down on illegal immigra
One of Andy Tobin's "constituents."

Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we also know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation contributing billions to the U.S. economy. According to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:   Hispanic Americans are projected to contribute $46 billion (with a "B" to Arizona's economy this year, according to a forthcoming report.   Independent registered voters become independents because we are tired of gridlock and extremism from both sides of the political spectrum.

According to Forbes, Arizona-style immigration laws hurt the economy, and as such we must give candidate Andy Tobin two thumbs down. Andy Tobin is a Tea Party extremist that will send the State of Arizona to a pre Civil Rights era. 

Arizona State Senator Antenori writes this of Andy Tobin who is running for Congress District 1:

In 2010, SB-1070 was one of the most conservative [extremist] bills ever to pass in Arizona, maybe in the entire country. Andy was under considerable pressure to stop the bill in the House, but he didn’t cave. Even when President Obama was attacking Arizonans from Washington, Tobin didn’t cave! He fought to make sure that SB-1070 got a vote on the house floor. It did. And with his vote, it was sent to the governor.

According to US NEWS:

By one estimate, the economic effects may have been painful. A 2010 paper from liberal think tank Center for American Progress estimated that the state could lose $217 million in direct spending from a decline in conference attendees, not to mention 4,236 jobs and $388 million in economic output as a result of the law.

"You end up hurting the very people you'd like to be helping. You hurt people who had no influence on the law that was passed," says Garrick Taylor, vice president of communications at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Still, while these businesses may cheer a reprieve from the controversy, some employers may be finding themselves with a new problem on their hands—a shortage of workers.


We cannot take an Arizona economic isolationist risk with Andy Tobin and we are reminding Arizona independent registered voters to consider his disastrous policies for this state.  Andy Tobin is no moderate -- he is an extremist with a history of supporting extreme bills within the State of Arizona.




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