Independent Voter Group Gives Rep. Kyrsten Sinema 2 Thumbs Down For Shady Political Tactics and Reversals

Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we also know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation contributing billions to the U.S. economy

Independent registered voters become independent because we are fed up with shady politicians who lead you to believe they are one way -- when in fact they act a different way.  (D-AZ) Rep. Sinema is guilty for lying to Mexican American / Latinos in the State of Arizona with her keen opportunist ability to trick voters. 

Independent National radio talk show host via Carlos Galindo (who conducts his show in both Spanish and in English) states it is possible Rep. Sinema used a Latino outreach puppet only to force a resignation later on for ties Erika Andiola had with anti-American Mohammad Abdollahi and Prerna Lal of Indeed even Rep. Luis Gutierrez also distanced himself against extremists behind while Sinema's staffer via Erika Andiola chose to support anti-American activists.  Somos Independents cannot and will not support anti-American rhetoric and we rebuked Andiola heavily. 

Galindo writes:

It appears Andiola's recent departure from Sinema's employ may have been a forced departure, based on pressure that was placed on Sinema and her congressional office for hiring a staffer who is supportive of an Immigration "advocate" who spews anti-USA rhetoric. Just as important, according to sources, Andiola was a $50,000 a year congressional office staffer allegedly mooching for money to take a trip to Washington with her mom.  Read on>>>


Our independent registered voter group recently gave Republican congressional candidate Andy Tobin a thumbs down based on his vote that essentially sent Arizona on a downward economic path.  As such, we cannot ignore Democratic Rep. Sinema's anti-immigrant history either when she chose to support Arizona SB 1225. Adding insult to injury, Rep. Sinema signaled for Arizona Capitol police to arrest immigration leader / radio show host Carlos Galindo when he protested against her "get tough on immigration" law (see video here). This violation of the First Amendment is troubling.

Arizona independent voters are seeking real leadership -- not opportunists like Sinema who has a history of stepping on those without a voice in order to climb the political ladder. Voters want to know who they are going to get and we do not like being lied to.  Independent voters want to see trustworthy politicians, and one does not know what they are going to get with (D) Rep. Krysten Sinema.  We believe Sinema is the type of politician who underestimates informed Mexican American voters.  We are well aware of political games and more of us are standing against those who reverse their positions in order to get ahead. 

Therefore, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema gets two thumbs down.


Photo: Democrat Arizona State Senator Sinema gets Booed by Latino Democrats on SB 1225


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