Independent Voter Group Gives "TeaDREAMers" (Helped by GOP) the Coconut Award For Threats To Boycott Vote

Slang Urban Dictionary defines a coconut as: "Mexican gone white, brown on the outside white on the inside."

Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer via Shirl Mora James -- also co-founder of Somos Independents responds to Erika Andiola and other TeaDREAMers (who are manipulated by Republican-supporting people) when they threaten to boycott the vote:


Thank you, DeeDee Blase for your article that exposes TeaDREAMERS, especially Erika Andiola and her stupidity about encouraging US American citizens "not to vote" at the November elections....she is quite obviously working with the GOP to defeat Comprehensive Immigrant Reform and the passage of the DREAM Act.

It is quite ironic that a noncitizen who cannot vote is encouraging our community who can vote, not to vote. Erika has now shown her naive when it deals with the Power of the Vote...Erika you are now sounding like a Coconut operative for the's a clue, you are no leader of the DREAMers or of our community because you are undermining the only true power that we have, which is the VOTE!

La Gente, use your Power to Vote and Vote for the Politicians that support our community!


Here is Erika's thinly veiled threat to boycott the vote which earns her and other TeaDREAMers the coconut of the 2014 year award:




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