Independent Voter Group Gives "Thumbs Up" To Fred Duval For Arizona Governor

Governing rated the upcoming general election race between major party nominees Doug Ducey (R) and Fred DuVal (D) as a "Toss-up."  That said, Independent registered voters are the largest voting bloc in Arizona and we are the key swing voters who will ultimately decide who will win the Governor's seat. 

Our independent voter group (led by women) believes Fred DuVal is the most moderate candidate who should win the Arizona Governor election.  Doug Ducey is too extreme and belongs to sexist groups that does not elect women as part of their membership.  Extremist Tea Party darling and convicted felon Dinesh D’souza campaigned for Ducey.  Ducey also believes that poor people should pay more taxes, and that Social Security is a “ponzi scheme” even though our elderly depends upon it.

Essentially, voting for Ducey would be more of the same with regard to Jan Brewer who destroyed Arizona's economy with her restrictionism and isolationist economic view when her unwaivering hand signed SB 1070.  Independent voters watched Doug Ducey's attack ads against immigrants and those of Mexican descent in much the same way Brewer carried out with her hate political ads.

According to the AZ CENTRAL, DuVal, the Democratic nominee, believes Arizona's economy would revive, in time, after he boosts spending on the state's underfunded public-education system.  While Ducey's extreme views of eliminating income tax would more than likely help spiral Arizona's economy downward.


Doug Ducey would be more of the same.  Independent voters want and seek moderate politicos, and it's time for Arizona to stop being losers in both the GDP department as well as the education department.  Vote for Fred DuVal for Arizona Governor.


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