Independent Voter Group Led By Women Give Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) 2 Thumbs Up

Our woman-led and key swing Independent voter group is supporting Congressman Scott Petters for re-election in California's 52nd congressional district.  There are approximately 1/3 independent voters we want to signal to in this 52nd district.  We want a moderate candidate that is willing to work in a bipartisanship fashion in Washington D.C.  becuase extremism and gridlock is destroying our Nation.

According to IVN

The upcoming election in California’s 52nd congressional district is likely to be a close one. With the candidate filing deadline only a month away, Democratic incumbent Scott Peters is preparing to defend his position from Republican challenger Carl Demaio. Many will recognize Demaio as the candidate who lost the San Diego mayoral election to Bob Filner just over a year ago.  ...  A first-term congressman, Peters won the 2012 election by appealing to California’s growing independent voter population. His politically moderate approach was crucial in California’s changing political climate.


Republican candidate Carl Demaio is no moderate and his Pete Wilson economic strategies will harm San Diego, CA, business owners as a boycott in the nearby town of Murietta, CA, gets underway reminiscent to the Arizona boycott that prevented multi-million dollar development deals from taking place. 

Here is why we cannot support DeMaio:

DeMaio cast the lone vote against healthcare benefits for widows and children of fallen officers.

DeMaio confirmed plan to eliminate police pensions.

DeMaio is a member of the extreme Tea Party who are responsible for terrorizing children on a bus in the nearby town of Murrieta as they were being transported by federal law enforcement border patrol. As a result of tea party members shouting racial slurs against small children and/or those defending the children, assaults and other hate crimes have sparked a boycott against the town of Murrieta, near San Diego.

DeMaio was the only councilman who supported Arizona's SB 1070 law that was gutted by the Supreme Court costing Arizona tax payer money and resources in order to defend it.  

Candidate Carl DeMaio would be a disaster for San Diego tourism as Arizona's SB1070 has cost Arizona at least $140 Million in lost revenue from tourism

Business owners in the hotel, construction, restaurant and the agricultural industry who are worried about their profits and bottom dollar,  must vote their pocket books.  DeMaio's restrictionsim and obstructionism harms the economy. 

On the other hand, Congressman Scott Peters is for a pro growth economic strategy and has been a staunch supporter of comprehensive immigration reform since he was elected to Congress in 2012.  Peters is calling to fix the clearly broken immigration system once and for all.  He's one of the most independent members of the House, co-sponsored the "No Budget, No Pay" bill, and has been working tirelessly for our veterans.


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