Independent Voters Applaud Sen. Jeff Flake Urging Trump to Stop Attacking Mexicans

Somos Independents is a woman-led organization that focuses on signaling to key swing independent voters towards moderate views.   Our 60,000+ national member organization is also Mexican-American led and we want to take a moment to applaud Arizona Senator Jeff Flake for urging the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to stop attacking Mexicans. Organizing independent voters is a difficult task but we keep slowly building our organization in light of our centrist views.  We do not embrace bigotry and misogynist views.

According to the Washington Post:
Flake stood up to Trump by urging him to stop attacking Mexicans. Trump predicted that Flake would lose his reelection, at which point Flake informed Trump that he was not on the ballot this year, the sources said.
We also want to applaud the Gang of 8 Senators for revisiting fixing the clearly broken immigration system and for promoting legal immigration reform.
According to POLITICO:
Several members of the group that fell short of getting immigration reform into law are ready to try again.
We have warned the Republican leadership for years that their continued rhetoric against immigrants and Mexican American Chicanos would cost them elections as it did in 2012 when they lost the Presidential race. We know we must work on increasing our voter participation during off-election years, however, we know we do very well during Presidential election cycles. In order for the Republican Party to begin repairing themselves, they must begin with rooting out the cancer that began with Kansas Kris Kobach when the GOP adopted an anti-immigrant platform under the leadership of the RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.  The anti-immigrant platform adopted 2012 helped to produce their 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump who is anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, anti-Mexican and more.
We urge the Republican leaders to look into Trump's ties whom we believe is tied directly to NumbersUSA and other John Tanton networks. Numbers USA has approximately 600,000 due paying members who appear to have a loud bark in off-election years and are organized enough to send political leaders phone calls and emails to stop legal immigration reform, however, they have a little bite when it comes to the on-election year election cycles, and they do not represent the vast majority of American voter views. Americans want legal immigration and we want to repair the broken system.  We are happy to hear prominent Republicans are getting behind Secretary Hillary Clinton for President, and especially after learning disturbing news when Trump praised Saddam Hussein yesterday.  Trump's praise of Hussein confirms to us he has zero experience in foreign policy because evidently Trump did not know that Hussein paid suicide bombers to kill Jewish peoples.


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