Independent Voters React To President Obama's Immigration Relief Delay To Fall 2014

Photo: Speaker Boehner continues to do nothing and stalls immigration reform.

According to the Associated Press, President Obama will be delaying immigration relief until this fall.  

There are a number of reasons for the delay with the No. 1 reason being attributed to Republican Speaker Boehner who is part of the do-nothing Republican-led House of Representatives and is behind blocking the vote for legal immigration reform the Democratic-led Senate passed over one year ago. 

The other reasons are attributed to "TeaDREAMers" -- DREAMers who have been bought and hijacked by Republican supporters to divert attention to Obama instead of Speaker Boehner who is actually blocking the bill from advancing to Obama's desk for signing.

From AP:

Reflecting the passion behind the threat of deportations, immigration advocacy groups that have criticized Republicans for not passing an immigration overhaul instantly turned their anger on Obama.

Other reasons include several immigrant non-profits who stand to gain financially with handouts they receive when the immigration crisis remains. 

The solution?


What should the Obama administration do?

Obama should provide some sort of relief the Friday before November 4, 2014, elections. Vulnerable Democratic Senators must never encourage President Obama to back down from a promise that was given and should learn to take a hit for the team -- else Latino Democrats will defect to the moderate independent registered voter bloc that continues to increase.

Here's what we think will happen:

The political yahoo's on both the GOP and Democratic side are going to see who wins their elections and/or re-elections on November 4, 2014 (similar to what happened in December 2010 when the DREAM Act went for vote ... except this time the Obama administration will more than likely conduct a "DACA for parents" [parents who have no real criminal record in their backgrounds] come Holiday time. More than likely an action will occur BETWEEN the day AFTER election day and when right before the NEW congress begins. Democrats  will continue to be more immigrant friendly. The GOP has already decided to toe the tea party anti-immigrant line.

Speaker John Boehner and RNC's Reince Priebus cannot even control their own Republican Party let alone the Nation ... as a result of the GOP's inability to control their tea party (the leaders are afraid of their tea party crowds) WE MUST HELP THE GOP PRUNE OUT the Tea Party and their divisive extreme from our Nation by ensuring they do not get voted in to control the House of Representatives. NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION DAY IS A CRITICAL FOR MEXICAN-AMERICAN / CHICANOS TO VOTE IN DROVES. If we see a so-called immigration activist(s) who benefits financially with crisis situations telling people NOT TO VOTE -- they will be NEUTERED by Somos Independents. We need to analyze local and national races and vote for those who have a better history with regard to supporting legal immigration reform. WE MUST VOTE.

If you are Latino Republican or a Latino Democrat ... and you are sick of the same shit but with a different animal...don't get pissed off by NOT voting -- simply punish both sides by changing your voter affiliation to being an independent registered voter.  This will essentially FORCE BOTH SIDES to behave an work in a bipartisanship way in order to tackle tough issues like immigration reform.  It is imperative for every registered Chicano/Latino/Hispanic voter to vote.

Independent key swing voters want real leadership, not politicians who buckle under pressure.  As such, it is a well known fact that Americans want immigration reform fixed.

These are the 4 Senators our independent voter group will be hawkish on:

  1. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina (who has a record of not voting for the DREAM Act in 2010).
  2. Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas (who has a record of not voting for the DREAM Act in 2010).  This is where Bill Clinton should give him political cover while holding his hand in the 'deep south' with regard to this issue.  Else, Pryor should take one for the Democratic Team.
  3. Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana who did vote in support of the DREAM Act in 2010, yet, should remember the Mexican immigrants the Republican Governor had clean up the gulf.  Or Landrieu can simply remind the voters of Louisiana how immigrants cleaned up more messes as they were exploited while big companies hid behind subcontractors in order to line their pocket with public money.  
  4. Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska (needs to remember that even his Republican counterpart via Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in support of the DREAM Act in 2010).  Indeed, Begich should remind himself Sen. Lisa Murkowski's habit of breaking with the GOP on several key votes could give him some political cover ahead of 2014.


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