Inquisitr Gets It Wrong on Murrieta Protests and Quoting Somos Independents

somos independents


Inquisitir gets it wrong on Murrieta Protests and quoting our lawyers and/or leadership.  It may also help the Inquisitir to learn how to spell "amnesty."  

Ruben Salazar a California lawyer offering pro bono work to help these small refugee kids states: 


"They got it wrong, we acknowledged the protestors have a limited 1st Amendment, subject to the imminent lawless exception carved out the Supreme Court. But our DOJ demand was to investigate the organizers- not the protestors! The only Murrieta protestor mentioned was Joseph Crosby Culbertson , who was seen spitting on Lupe Rivera. The rest were former and current border patrol agents, city officials, and political Tea Party candidates who all conspired to block the DHS buses and to deny the refugee children their due process rights."

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