Instead of Aiming National Guard Against Immigrants, Trump Should Aim To Russians Responsible for the Deployment of Nuclear-tipped Ground-launched Cruise Missiles in Violation of the INF Treaty

Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Jack Gillum (Associated Press).
Trump National Guard Draft Memo

The Trump administration is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border, according to a draft memo obtained by The Associated Press. I believe Donald Trump is abusing executive orders and other Presidential directives and is retaliating based on the country-wide marches such as the Women’s March (in support of immigrants) and now more recently the country-wide successful “A Day Without An Immigrant“ strikes held yesterday.   Instead of wasting military and National Guard resources against undocumented immigrants, the Trump administration should focus our military against the Russian’s who are responsible for the deployment of nuclear-tipped ground-launched cruise missiles in violation of the INF Treaty.  According to Arizona Senator John McCain, this particular act (Trump has been silent on) is a significant military threat to U.S. forces in Europe and our NATO allies. According to CNN: The US military has released several photos of what it says were SU-24 Russian fighter jets “buzzing” the deck of a US warship in the Black Sea on February 10, 2017.

Today we discovered Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) has become the first House Republican to co-sponsor of a bill calling for an independent investigation of foreign interference with the 2016 elections according to The Hill, and I believe this is the time moderate Republicans throughout this Nation ought to get their Republican President (who is a walking constitutional crisis) under control and for the sake of our National Security.

During a Republican primary debate in November, Trump said: “Let me just tell you that Dwight Eisenhower — a good president, great president, people liked him” and “He moved a million and a half illegal immigrants out of this country, moved them just beyond the border.” Trump is referring to is Operation Wetback, a highly controversial military-style operation created by Eisenhower and now we see his immigration broadly laid out executive orders pointing to the same thing.  Trump has made it clear his idea to embrace Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback plan where thousands of people who were deported were American citizens.

Republicans and Americans are going to have to reckon with the fact that they are chasing immigrant people who have no access to nuclear-tipped ground-launched cruise missiles in violation of the INF Treaty. Instead of using our military and National Guard against the murderers and thugs executing the orders of Vladimir Putin that Trump seems to have cozied up to, Republicans are choosing to waste tax payer resources as this move will continue to spread out our troops too thin.   Republicans will also need to address the baby boomers who need and depend on immigrant labor to care for them since billions of undocumented immigrant taxes support their social security checks they depend on. Since this is a clear retaliatory move made by Trump and his administration, I implore women and immigrants across this great Nation ‘from Sea to shining Sea’ to continue to be part of the resistance and support the Women’s Day strike on March 8, 2017, in an effort to stand up against a President who wants to rule with an iron fist. As a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, I am ashamed of Trump as he has clearly demonstrated he has zero foreign policy experience that is putting American’s and their safety at risk.

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