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We need greater organizing, relationship development, and media engagement on the part of those of us who agree we are a part of the voting rights/equality struggle.

It’s sad that there is so much ignorance on legislative and electoral engagement. We were lied to about executive discretion. We are being lied to about #WeCantWait, because the executive discretion strategy askes the 10 million+ who will be left out to WAIT. Worse, it makes those who are working for it subservient to the whims of whoever is President and to the House to sue.

Latinos had it in their power to #ElectReform in 2014. They were betrayed by what is one of the most incompetent strategies in civil rights history #not1more.

Thanks for holding our own accountable.

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It’s not just unAmerican to focus most of a movement on having a President ignore the law, it’s fascist. Using examples of Reagan and Bush ignoring Labor and Environmental laws, as the #not1more DHS petition does, has no place in a Civil Rights movement and none of us should have anything to do with supporting arbitrary abuse of power like that.

Blaming the Judicial or Executive branch for deportations is a lie. the Constitution does not make either responsible for the consequences of the Law.

As if that was not bad enough, they didn’t even do their research. Since the modern framework of DED and TPS was established by the 1980 Refugee Act and the 1990 Immigration Act, no president has done more by executive order than 550k (DACA). That is not even 5.5% of the 11 Million.

They also started with a broad claim that the President could stop all deportations by Executive Order. A simple review of some of the cases they used shows that the judges make clear that their are limits to executive discretion.

Their theory of change is ridiculous. So if a group of Legislators refuse your demand for a vote on #HR15, you attack their political enemy? Better than that for them, you shift the focus of our movement from blaming them for the failure of reform and onto the President. All this for what will be less than 5.5% of number we need when #HR15 will naturalize 10.7 million by 2029 (see CBO report on S744). In the history of civil rights, I don’t know of a worse national strategy; congrats.

Finally, this does not even make sense from the perspective of building grassroots power. The White House is very far from most of us. It is also very difficult for most of us to build power over a President that is no longer up for election. By comparison most people live within an hour drive of their local Congressional office. It is much easier to build relationships with civic, faith, Labor, Law Enforcement, Business, and other civic leaders to influence your local Rep. or to remove them from office and election one pledged to pass CIR.

The problem is that the incompetence of the executive strategy has not been fully called out and that we have not organized for divestment. We need a full evaluation of the executive discretion strategy. If the above is true than it should be abandoned, shifted over to organizing manuals on what no to do, and we can then move on to the project of #ElectReform.

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