Key Swing Arizona Independent Voters: John Frank Huppenthal Should Resign As Superintendent

Arizona Independent voters are now the largest voting bloc surpassing the Democrats and Republicans, and many of us believe Huppenthal should resign from his Superintendent position. 

I want to thank the Carlos Galindo Show and Carmen for nailing John Frank Huppenthal this morning on their 7-9 a.m. program.   Not only did Carlos blast him on his National Radio Political Show program this morning, he also nailed so-called Arizona activists who claim to be for the "Latino" community when he called out the likes of Lydia Guzman, Randy Parraz and Sal Reza.  

Too many of these "Latino" leaders who claim to be for the average Jose-Shmoe did NOTHING to counter Huppenthal when Chicano / Ethnic studies were under attack.  

Why don't these proclaimed Latino leaders attack politicians who are attacking our community?

We believe it is because they have to test the winds and receive permission from their corporate sponsors.  Some of these folks work for non-profits so they don't want to rock the boat with SRP, Intel and all the other corporations who give these "Si Senor" types a handout.  The "Si Senor" types have made themselves politically impotent in Arizona.

I hope the Carlos Galindo Show continues to call out these politically impotent "Latino" leaders who seem to have this mentality that they need permission .... and will only test the "winds" in order for them to risk any skin. To hell with that.  They must do what is right to protect our community that is under attack, and they must put their own heads on the chopping block  just like the rest of us do. 

Because John Frank Huppenthal is willing to lose his dignity with his tears -- this explains to us he is more concerned about his political position rather than his self-respect.  It's time for you to resign Huppenthal!


From the AZ  Central:  


Huppenthal breaks down in tears over blog posts

The Republic | azcentral.com3:11 p.m. MST June 25, 2014

Arizona's public schools chief John Huppenthal broke down in tears Wednesday in a stunning close to his own press conference. Huppenthal called the news conference to address the uproar over his anonymous blog posts.

In the posts, he attacked families on welfare, Planned Parenthood and the Spanish-language media.

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Huppenthal told earlier today that he was sorry his posts hurt and offended Arizonans.   READ MORE>>>

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commented 2015-03-17 10:57:31 -0700 · Flag
The way I see it is you can never go back on what you said and done.He said what he said and done what he done. Even he turned around and did a 180°turn and said I’m so sorry, I wouldn’t believe him,because now he is two faces I could never trust him or anyone like him who would speak with a forked tongue. I will never trust a politician.
commented 2014-06-25 16:18:20 -0700 · Flag
He needs to reverse his decision to ban Chicano Studies.
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