Key Swing Independent Women and Latino Voters Support Sen. Schumer's Discharge Petition on Immigration

Carlos Galindo, National Radio Show Host who has his thumb on national politics as well as the immigration issue brought up Sen. Schumer's idea of using a discharge petition to bring immigration reform to vote. 

From the New York Times:

Schumer Offers Long-Shot Option to Skirt House G.O.P. on Immigration


Americans have waited over 7 long months since the Democratic-controlled Senate passed CIR, and admittedly I was not for supporting a discharge petition early on in 2013 of last year for immigration in hopes of healthy bipartisanship and statesmanship.   Democrats were forced to introduce a discharge petition in October of last year as a result of the obstructionist Tea Party Republicans who wanted to shut down the government affecting services given to Veterans and millions of Americans. The House of Repuresentatives led by the GOP have proven themselves to be unstasteman-like, and we have no other option but to help millions who are living in the shadows of society even though they contribute billions to our federal, state and local tax coffers. 

As such, key Independent voters like ourselves will step up efforts to Get Out The Vote in order to DUMP THE TEA within the GOP.  Americans cannot continue to stand idly by with the do-nothing House of Representatives led by the Tea Party GOP. 



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