Koch Brothers Deny Climate Change To Justify Pipeline XL, Irresponsible Caretakers of Earth While Dishonoring Native American Treaties


Irresponsible fracking.  In shadow of oil boom, North Dakota farmers fight contamination.



The Koch Brothers are known for being part of the Climate Change denial machine, but why?

Because Keystone XL pipeline could generate $100 billion in profits for billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, according to this report and admitting to environmental mishaps could affect their bottom dollar.  They are trying to build an empire on deadly emissions and have been successful minimizing their fees and fines for violating.  In fact we see a pattern of deception when the Koch Brothers' company pleaded guilty to concealing it's violation of compliance measures agreeing to pay a mere $20 million in fines and environmental projects.  Moreover, the rest of the charges were dropped and high ranking officials were able to avoid prison sentences

Folks, our Creator gave us this earth and commanded we take care of it. Instead, we see repeated raping of the earth.  See video here. We are also wasting water -- a precious resource human beings rely upon.

According to the AP:

States where hydraulic fracturing is taking place have seen a surge in earthquake activity, raising suspicions that the unconventional drilling method could be to blame, especially the wells where the industry disposes of its wastewater.

Fracking generates vast amounts of wastewater, far more than traditional drilling methods. The water is pumped into injection wells, which send the waste thousands of feet underground. No one knows for certain exactly what happens to the liquids after that. Scientists wonder whether they could trigger quakes by increasing underground pressures and lubricating faults.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are funneling millions of dollars to support far right wing Tea Party candidates across the country with regard to the elections.  In addition to the Koch brothers helping anti-immigrant politicians, they also have a record for being anti-police militarization.   Tim Mak at The Daily Beasta recipient of a Koch fellowship, points out that Charles and David Koch have bankrolled opposition to police militarization for years.  We caution you with regard to stories with regard to white cops beating and killing minorities.  We cannot fall for the the white vs. black/brown whatsoever and the Koch brothers are notorious for dividing and conquering schemes.  White cops have also been known to kill numerous whites, too, and we must not focus on race and the abuse of law enforcement.

But what is one of the most damning traits of Pipeline XL in addition to destroying our environment?  The disregard for the treaties we have with Native Americans that ought to be honored and respected.  Native Americans in South Dakota fear that building of the Keystone XL Pipeline could disrupt their fragile land and culture. Ed Schultz travels to the reservation.


Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Supremacy Clause, declares the treaties made with Native Americans as the "supreme law of the land”—but for over 200 years, the US government has consistently broken them. These legally binding contracts contained promises for recognizing tribes’ rights to live self-governed and undisturbed on their own land, with religious freedom; to hunt, fish, and gather natural resources; and to have such benefits as health care, education, and, in some cases, financial payments for lands previously sold to the government. We have a responsibility to honor the promises that have been made.



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