Lakota Warriors In South Dakota Put Ted Nugent in Stranglehold Who Is Unworthy Of the Loin Cloth

"...Time and time of being told / Trash is all I'm worth / When I was just a young boy / Had to take a little grief / Now that I'm [an elder chief]  / Don't put your shit on me ..."  - Primal Scream by Mötley Crüe


Mrs. Nugent told Ted Nugent not to wear the loincloth anymore, but the Lakota Warriors believe there is nothing underneath that will prove Nugent worthy of wearing one to begin with. 


Ted Nugent is notorious for sticking his foot in his mouth, but he really did it this time.  So far two Casinos have shut down his concerts after Ted Nugents referred to our Native American brothers and sisters as "dirty vermin" and less than human.   Ted Nugent was booked to play a concert at the Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel in Worley, Idaho, on August 4 -- but the show has been canceled due to concern over what the tribe called the rocker's "racist and hate-filled remarks."    According to Ultimate Classic Rock: "Following last week’s decision by an Idaho casino to cancel a Ted Nugent concert, another venue has done the same. The Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, WA has removed his Aug. 2-3 shows from their calendar.  Protests of the Gothic Theatre in Denver are now underway as Chicano activists such as Rudy Gonzales stand with Native American leaders to ensure the Ted Nugent Colorado concert doesn't take place.  If the Ted Nugent concert in Denver continues -- an all out boycott against the Gothic will occur.  Colorado has massive Chicano/Latino/Hispanic buying economic buying power.

But now Lakota Warriors are going to put Ted Nugent in a stranglehold as they expose him as a man unworthy of a loincloth to begin with.  More Ted Nugent protests are building momentum as a result of his racist Native American Comments, and  this time it will be in South Dakota (home of several Lakota leaders) like "United Urban Warrior Society" with James Magaska Swan at the helm.  James Magaska Swan is the founder of the Urban Warrior society which consists of 33 chapters across our Nation with 3 in Canada and a French support group.  James was raised by a Chicano step-father and feels a tie with us Chicanos and Chicanas.  He served our great Nation's military and is a true warrior who continues to defend minority groups.  We were happy to hear the American Indian Movement is standing against Ted Nugent, too, in South Dakota and we stand with both the American Indian Movement and Urban Warriors Society.   Keep in mind Sout Dakota has 9-Lakota/Dakota Nations in it alone and is truly considered Native American! 

James Magaska Swan writes: 

This is James “Magaska” Swan President and founder of “United Urban Warrior Society” based out of Rapid City South Dakota!  

With the support of Truckers, Misc. Bikers and Clubs, Native and non-Native Veterans, The American Indian Movement, Members of Nine federally recognized tribal Nations here in South Dakota as well as other Native Nations and countless individual supporters all across the nation, As well as around the world, through our international chapters. We are officially asking you “Full Throttle Saloon” in Sturgis South Dakota to cancel the “Ted Nugent” concert scheduled to be held on August 6th, 2014.

Due to his racist comments toward Native American’s, his disrespect for woman (whom we deem sacred), His disrespect for our veterans (They are the Warriors who protect us) and his pedophilia mentality toward our children! (They are our future). 

If this concert continues as scheduled “WE WILL” rally and protest! And we will not stop on the August 7th or after the rally is over. We have contacted national and local media on this issue including Sturgis local City Government and your Mayor, Monday I will contact South Dakota Secretary of Tribal relations and the Governor of South Dakota. We will continue to remind the world about his racism and rants as well as those who support him…That’s you! 


James “Magaska” Swan

United Urban Warrior Society

P.O. Box 14

Rapid City, S.D. 57709-0014


[email protected] 





Here are the protest details if the Full Throttle Saloon continues with the Ted Nugent concert: 


Protest Date:  August 6, 2014 

Protest Place:  Full Throttle Saloon

12997 Sd Highway 34, Sturgis, South Dakota 57785
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Great article!
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This is a good thing. Thanks to United Urban Warrior Society for standing up for what’s right.
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