Latina Voters Invoke the Todd Akin Card: Reince Priebus Should Tell Speaker Boehner He Won’t Get Penny From RNC For 2013 CIR Inaction

RNC Chair underestimates matriarch role within Hispanic voting community in 2013 regarding broken immigration system and the GOP's inaction.

RNC Chair underestimates matriarch role within Hispanic voting community in 2013 regarding broken immigration system and the GOP’s inaction.

The Hispanic electorate favored President Obama by a stunning 3-1 ratio in the 2012 election, crediting Republicans like Sen. John McCain for helping push the immigration bill over the Senate finish line.  Reince Priebus broke his silence on immigration almost 6 months ago, and at that rate it is no wonder why we didn’t catch Osama Bin Laden under President George W. Bush’s watch.

During the key Presidential election year in 2012, Reince Priebus said  Todd Akin’s was not getting a penny from the RNC, even if the race is tied.  But as we approach 2014 Elections, all Reince Priebus has to do with his claim in an effort to reach the burgeoning Hispanic electorate vote is to essentially tell Speaker Boehner the same thing he said of Todd Akin. The Republican National Committee leader would simply need to nudge Boehner in the right direction and tell him he won’t  get a penny from the RNC, too, for his 2013 legal comprehensive immigration reform inaction.  The 2013 inaction will be fresh in the minds of Hispanic and women voters come 2014 costing Republicans seats in competitive races thereby costing them the power there.

Despite the tea party obstructionist tactics, the Tea Party-led House of Representatives have lower ratings than President Obama.  In fact, American women voters will remind Americans that the Taxed Enough Already (T.E.A.) Republican Representatives simply gave themselves extended Holiday breaks on the taxpayer’s dime when they gained the House majority.  The House of Representatives do not deserve extended breaks considering there is much to be done.

I repeat, immigration is a federal matter, yet the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Ohio Speaker Boehner are preventing progress in fixing the clearly broken system that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. We have asked the Ohio GOP, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Representatives John Boehner, David Joyce and Bill Johnson to lead and fix issues that are important to women and Hispanic voters they claim to want to reach out to, and all have expressed no urgency to fix the broken system this year.

Earlier this year the RNC Chairman Priebus spoke of the GOP going ‘big and bold‘ but what Mexican American / Hispanic and women voters see is the “Party of No” in their attempt to make a black President look like he accomplished little with their blocks paving a way for the great white hope.

God help them.  Maybe someday they will finally come to their knees and realize we are all human beings with different pigment skin color.


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