Latino Group Slams Pro-Life Christians For Tolerating Politicians Who Use Dehumanizing Terms Towards People

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May 17, 2018




DeeDee Garcia Blase, Co-founder SOMOS INDEPENDENTS


Shirl Mora James, Co-founder SOMOS INDEPENDENTS and Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer


Pro Life Movement Leaders Are Responsible for President Who Uses Dehumanizing Terms Towards Immigrants


 “One of Nazi film's most notorious sequences compares Jews to rats that carry contagion, flood the continent, and devour precious resources.”  Holocaust Encyclopedia


Phoenix, AZ -- SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a national organization led by Mexican American women who are independent registered voters encouraging voting in our National and local elections. Yesterday, Donald Trump used a dehumanizing term towards immigrants and referred to them as animals. Our organization points the blame directly towards those who call themselves pro-life Christian leaders. For far too long, pro-life leaders have turned a blind eye to Republican lawmakers who use dehumanizing terms towards babies such as "anchor babies", but also with dehumanizing terms used towards fellow mankind. There is a lack of immediate whistle-blowing response by pro-life organizations who turn a blind eye to politicians who use dehumanizing terms towards people -- not just babies. 

We believe pro life members who are Latino / Hispanic / Chicano should withdraw their support from pro life organizations who do very little to push back on Republican politicians who use dehumanizing terms towards human beings and babies.

The National Right To Life organization prides itself on being the largest and oldest pro-life organization in our Nation and continuously ask people to get involved, however, for that organization to grow they must put action behind mere words.  The definition of pro life is protecting life from the womb to the tomb.  Pro-lifers will steer clear of supporting politicians (like Trump) who use dehumanizing terms towards fellow human beings.

We would like for pro-life Mexican Americans / Latinos / Hispanics to be more vigilant as we approach the midterm election cycle to vote against politicians who use dehumanizing terms when referring to fellow man regardless of race or color.   According to the PEW, most Hispanics in the United States continue to belong to the Roman Catholic Church.  While Catholics claim a significant chunk of Latinos, the Pew reports that the number of Hispanics who identified as Catholic fell 12 percent in just four years, from 67 percent in 2010 to 55 percent in 2014. Many convert to Protestant denominations; many, especially the young, are leaving religion altogether.

If any religious denominations and their leaders and/or organizations who have biblical leanings are worried about many leaving religion altogether, perhaps it is time for those leaders to practice the gospel.  Perhaps it is time for those leaders to practice what they preach with regard to stories that are told about the Good Samaritan and How To Love Thy Neighbor.  

Darkness and evil will towards fellow man continue to grow because of the failure of religious and pro-life leaders and we hope to see Latino Leadership arise from the broken pro-life movement as they continue to support politicians like Donald Trump who use dehumanizing and derogatory remarks about fellow mankind.







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