Latino-led National Organization Slams Barry West for anti-Mexican Remark -- Demands Apology

For Immediate Release– May 3, 2013
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Mexican-American Women-led Political National Organization Slams Tennessee County Commissioner Barry West for his anti-Mexican remark

Lincoln, NE / Phoenix, AZ — Somos Independents (a national Latina-led political movement) believe the Tennessee County Commissioner Barry West ought to apologize for his anti-Mexican remarks. We believe xenophobia is on the rise in light of Mexican-Americans accounting for almost 70% of the Latin population pie. Xenophobes are afraid the fabric of our great Nation is at risk even though Mexican-Americans continue to spill our blood defending Her.

Mexican-Americans contribute to patriotism in our Country. In addition to this — we believe in taking care of our elderly. There is no need for the likes of Barry West to be afraid of our ethnic group since many of us know we are going to be the ones who will ensure social security benefits will continue despite the aging white baby boom population. Mexican-Americans contribute billions and billions of tax dollars and we will not allow Barry West to minimize our efforts and contributions any longer.

Mexican-American Patriots continue to enlist and serve our military today. We volunteer because we have patriotic hearts and we love the United States of America. Several of us remember our grandfathers, uncles and/or ancestors who were drafted, and a great number of them spilled their blood to defend our country in a time of war. We honor them for that.

Americans of Mexican descent have been fighting for the United States since the American Revolution. In fact, Latinos served as “rough riders” with Teddy Roosevelt and were recognized for that patriotism under the former President.

During World War I, approximately one third of the U.S. population was recent immigrants; the United States implemented a draft for the war effort (drafting many of Mexican descent). Ten years after the war, the economy slowed down and the U.S. adopted a repressive anti-immigration policy against “Mexicans,” using mass deportation roundups and repatriation that forced many established Latinos out of their homes and forced the separation of families. These events occurred during the economic depression of 1929-1939 in a backlash to create jobs for European Americans. Thus, they deprived Mexican-Americans of their public- and private-sector jobs and ignored many past contributions to the military and our nation.

We will no longer allow the likes of Barry West to forget the contributions of Mexican-Americans who spilled our blood and unafraid to go to the frontlines during war drafts — in an effort to protect this great Nation blessed by our Creator.



SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement) is a woman-led political movement. It is our goal to communicatto women and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need in fixing the broken immigration system. We organize events, and college rallies that encourages a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.


American GI Forum Dr. Hector Garcia

American GI Forum Dr. Hector Garcia

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