Letter to Charles "Hos" Hoskins Who Hired Ousted Russell Pearce After Arizona Voters Fired Him

Outrage was expressed 2 months ago when Carlos Galindo, a political radio show host [who conducts his program in both English and in Spanish] sounded the alarm to the Chicano and Latino voting community and wrote:


Russell Pearce gets a backdoor pass to the legislature

This man should not be trusted with anything that may affect the public, in particular if he has any influence on legislation that could affect the masses. We've seen the devastation that he left behind after his campaign of attrition by enforcement upon the Immigrant and Latino community in Arizona.

Please note that this position does in fact include and specifically direct the person holding the position to engage in legislative tracking and interaction with lawmakers. This is simply a back door method of allowing what has been one of Arizona's most prominent sores to continue oozing his puss throughout our great state.



That said, we encourage independent voters to send the Maricopa County Treasurer's office an email asking him to fire Russell Pearce.  Charles' direct email is:   [email protected]


Subject:  Your Decision To Employ Russell Pearce After Arizona Voters Fired Him in a Recall
Dear Charles,

I am a registered independent voter in Arizona who cannot understand why on God's green earth you would hire the ousted and former Senator Russell Pearce who was fired by Arizona voters in a combined effort to rid our state from extremism and bigotry.

Is your friendship with Russell Pearce more important to you than what the common Arizona voter thinks?  Your decision to re-hire Russell Pearce is a slap in the face to every single person who sacrificed and worked on getting him fired for his extremism reminiscent of Sterilization in Nazi Germany.  It is also a poor decision on your part to employ the fired incompetent politician giving him a generous salary with our tax dollars which in turn helps pay for his radio program fueling more bigotry in our State!
Shame on you.  There is no room for cronyism that supports the likes of bigotry with the property taxes we pay in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We are disgusted, and we believe you should ask Russell Pearce to resign forthwith -- else Arizona voters will consider recalling you for rehiring a person who was recalled and fired by Arizona voters. http://www.somosindependents.com/maricopa_county_treasurer_charles_hos_hoskins_should_ask_russell_pearce_to_step_down

DeeDee Garcia Blase
Scottsdale Property Owner

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