Beverage Buyer Beware: Why is Coca Cola Giving More Money To Anti-Immigrant Republicans Than Democrats?

Disclaimer:  Coca Cola gives Voto Latino funding.   So why isn't Voto Latino protesting Coca Cola's funding toward anti-immigrant Republicans?

We must never forget that it was the Democratic-led Senate that passed immigration reform almost 1 1/2 years ago, while the Republican-led House of Representatives do nothing and refuse to move legal immigration reform forward!



Is this Coca Cola's way of insulting our intelligence when it comes to political affairs?  Do they not know Chicanos / Latinos are becoming more and more informed in light of the smoke and mirrors politicians create?

I don't understand why Latino Vote will not (in the very least) ask Coca Cola to stop giving money to anti-immigrant politicians while painting them in a different view (see below):



Talk is cheap.  And while we appreciate Coca Cola funding efforts to entities like Voto Latino, it does us no good when Coca Cola funnels hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Republicans who are preventing legal immigration reform to begin with.   Hell, Coca Cola even gave (R-VA) Eric Cantor a few thousand dollars and he was notorious for preventing immigration reform from taking place. But while there will always be corporate sell outs, the power will always belong to the consumer spending people.



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