Live Trucking: Bernie Sanders promises to “take trucks off the road” if elected

Live Trucking exposed a speech by Bernie Sanders who promises to “take trucks off the road” if elected.  See video here.

Several drivers immediately Live Trucking, expressing concern over the statements. “This guy has to be stopped” said one reader.

I agree. 

Bernie must be stopped considering that under the Obama administration the unemployment rate has been going down since he inherited President George W. Bush's economic depression.  The last thing we need is for an economic extremist politician to experiment with the thing that imports and exports our goods.

According to Insider Monkey:

If you are a truck driver, you probably already know everything about the 10 biggest trucking companies in America. It is estimated that the trucking industry in America employees 9 million people in 1 million trucking companies.

Needless to say America’s economy depends on the logistics industry, because it’s involved in all other sectors of the economy in some way, and good systems for transportation are a necessity. But the numbers show that there is a shortage of truck drivers (around 50,000) in the trucking industry today. Economists say this was expected and that the average young American is not interested in working as a truck driver.

If you’re reading this and want to become a truck driver or just simply love the life on the road, we advise you to read our article about 10 biggest trucking companies in the world. Some experts say that the solution is in raising pay for truck drivers. The pay for the truck drivers has grown 17% since 2013. The average annual pay in 2015 is $57,000 (National Transportation Institute data).



If there are a shortage of jobs in the trucking industry, why doesn't the Bernie Sanders campaign simply tell his audience to apply in the trucking industry instead of trying to dismantle what is working?

If you are in the freight and trucking industry, I encourage you to not vote for Bernie Sanders (during the Democratic Primaries) or other economic extremists like Donald Trump during the general election season.   Both Sanders and Trump are extreme in their political views, and economists state they are more worried about Sanders than Trump.  That said, they list Hillary Clinton just left of center, Rubio  as right of center, and John Kasich as being in the middle.  As far as I am concerned, Hillary Clinton will have the former Bill Clinton as an economic advisor.  Bill Clinton is listed as top U.S. Presidents who did well in GDP growth, driving unemployment down and other economic decisions he made.





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