Texas Governor Race: Mexican American Latino Voters Hawkish on Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott (Supported Arizona SB1070)

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Both Parties need to understand that they cannot take advantage of our vote. Mexican-Americans make up of almost 70% of the entire Latin population pie and we are the key swing voters.

We will be paying attention to politicians in 2014 and 2016 with regard to their actions on immigration reform. According to a 2012 USA Today/Gallup poll and POLITICO: “A slight majority of Hispanics in the country, 51 percent, identify as politically independent, according to the survey released Monday. About a third, 32 percent, consider themselves Democrats, while just 11 percent say they are Republicans.”

As a result, we will be keeping watchful eye on the Texas Governor Race. We are aware that

the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott supported Arizona’s harsh and anti-immigration SB1070 law. That said, Independent voters refuse to toe a Party line and we will be looking at (R) Greg Abbott’s and (D) Wendy Davis’ actions — not lip service.

We want to see both candidates pressure all Texas Congressional United States Representatives fix the broken immigration system since it is a federal issue. We know the Texas economy is fueld by revenue provided by ports of entry, trade and tariffs, and this state shares 64% of the entire southern border length with Mexico.

Senator John Cornyn and Canadian-born and son of Cuban immigrant Ted Cruz (who’s father helped Fidel Castro and bribed his way in here) were missing in action when it was their federal responsibility to fix the issue since immigration is protected by the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution.

How is it that the Texas U.S. Senators are not taking a legal immigration reform lead particularly when Texas has the majority

of the border length to Mexico?

Why is a freshman Democratic Congressman via Joaquin Castro taking a lead and a plan to Washington D.C. while the border Texas State senators look the other way?

Indeed Texas is wasting tax payer dollars and benefiting from the prison systems and their detention facilities to the point where the Texas Senators choose to not really take a lead on the 2013 legal immigration reform plan?  The battleground for immigration is NOT at the Senate level because the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate … the battleground will be at the Congressional level in light of Texas Rep. Lamar Smith.

Here’s a snap shot of the bordering states:

Texas: 1,255 miles/64% of border length and has 24 ports of entry

Arizona: 354 miles/18% of border length and has 8 ports of entry

New Mexico: 180 miles/9% and has 3 ports of entry

California: 165 miles/8% of border length and 6 ports of entry

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