Mexican American Latinos Target Democrats Up For Re-Election & Who Did Not Vote For DREAM Act in 2010

The Mexican American Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the Nation and certainly in the southwest. We also know both parties will want to woo the growing registered Independent and Mexican American voter(s) bloc. We are targeting both the Democrats and Republicans who will not vote for legal immigration reform in 2013, and it will begin with this Democratic list because it is smaller than the Republican list we are currently working on as we micro target high Mexican American Latino and/or Irish immigrant populated areas.

Make no mistake, this Indepenedent registered voter movement is not led by undocumented immigrants.  We are your authentic Mexican American / Chicano / Latino registered voters led by Mexican American women.

Both Parties need to understand that they cannot take advantage of our vote.  Mexican-Americans make up of almost 70% of the entire Latin population pie and we are the key swing voters.

We will be paying attention to politicians in 2014 and 2016 with regard to their actions on immigration reform.

If we cannot get a commitment from the Democratic politicians below to support legal immigration reform this year, we are going to submit a final list to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to reconsider giving these politicians campaign financial support.  

See our Democratic target list below that highlights the top states in our Nation with high Latin population changes and/or have a high Irish immigrant community because they want reform, too.


mexican american latinos target democrats who did not vote for dream act in 2010 and are seeking re election



Chicano, Mexican American voters are tired of the immigration issue.  We want it to be fixed by Congress and in a bipartisanship fashion and move on to other things but it is hard to do when Grandma and Grandpa are crying over the hurt when they see relatives who are forced into detention for working at fast food restaurants.

As a key swing independent registered voter (formerly a Republican) and a woman who served my country in the Armed Forces, I can reassure you that I will not rest on this immigration issue since we vowed we would not allow Joaquin Luna Jr.'s death to go in vain.  He was one of ours and our hearts still mourn for him.


Democratic House of Representatives who voted NO on DREAM:

Bobby Bright
John Barrow
Jerry F. Costello
Daniel Lipinski
Peter J. Visclosky
Brad Ellsworth
Ben Chandler
Bart Stupak
Collin C. Peterson
Travis W. Childers
Gene Taylor
Heath Shuler
Mike McIntyre
Bill Owens
Michael Arcuri
Brian Higgins
John Boccieri
Zack Space
Marcy Kaptur
Kurt Schrader
Christopher Carney
Paul E. Kanjorski
Mark Critz
Tim Holden
Kathy Dahlkemper
Jason Altmire
Jim Matheson
Nick J. Rahall II

Democrats who did not show up to vote:
Marion Berry
Steve Cohen
Ann Kirkpatrick
Adam B. Schiff






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