Mexican American National Independent Voter Group: Ending DACA A Moral Catastrophe As Americans Face Another Probable War

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September 3, 2017
Mexican American National Independent Voter Group:  Ending DACA A Moral Catastrophe As Americans Face Another Probable War
Phoenix, AZ --  SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a national organization led by Mexican American women who are independent registered voters encouraging voting in our National and local elections.  We are key swing voters and leaders who are calling for Senator John McCain to support the 2017 DREAM Act. We know McCain would prefer to support the "whole enchilada" regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), however, we ask him to reconsider a piece-meal approach because desperate times call for desperate measures. We hope Senator McCain will consider supporting Senator Lindsey Graham’s and Sen. Dick Durbin's Dream Act Bill.
It doesn't help when Americans know we are on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea and the billions it will cost in another new impending war, and it makes no sense to divide this Nation more than it is now while spending billions more to end DACA.   According to the Washington Post:  "....ending DACA and moving toward deportation of approved applicants would run up a bill of over $8.5 billion. That’s enough to fund the National Endowment for the Arts (which Trump’s budget proposed eliminating) for 56 years. "
Today, Defense Secretary James Mattis  warned of a "massive military response" if North Korea threatens an attack against the United States, after the rogue nation said it completed the test of a hydrogen bomb, according to POLITICO.  The goal of the United States ought to be creating strategic allies – not showing other Nations in the globe how inhumane the current administration can be. Our priorities from the Twitter-in-Chief has taken Americans off balance and now Americans fear nuclear war and a nuke arms race.
Shirl Mora James -- co-founder of Somos Independents and a Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer states:
"Clearly the only solution to Trump’s attack on the DACA recipients/DREAMERS must come from our Congress. We must start working hand in hand with our federal representatives and U.S. Senators to pass an immigration reform bill to provide a path forward to citizenship for the DACA recipients/DREAMERS."
Ryan Trabuco – San Diego, California organizer states:
As a first-generation American, I grew up in suburban Houston with many dreamers. So many of my friends -- who once could only dream about being successful -- have been able to earn degrees, start businesses, create jobs, run for public office, and offer help and assistance to their families. DACA has absolutely helped them achieve the American dream. Donald Trump, however, has banned Americans from our airports because of their religion, he’s banned soldiers for serving in our armed services because of their sexuality, and now he wants to end the American dream for millions because of who they are and where they come from. I absolutely support DACA, and stand with millions of dreamers who fight for the American dream every day.
Earlier this year in January, we sounded the alarm to brace the undocumented community of Trump's Mass Deportation Plan intentions, but our message to DACA / DREAMer recipients today are clear:
Stay put.  Do not ready yourselves to self deport as the anti-immigrant hardliners would want you to be. You pay taxes and are a contributor, but unfortunately you are here right now without representation.  Please wait it out.
Our message to those who have DREAMer / DACA friends or family:
Be observant to their needs. Know your local suicide hotlines as hope may fade away or weigh on the DREAMer’s minds. Be there for them.  Show them love and compassion as their futures seem uncertain and shaken.
Above: Joaquin Luna Jr. committed suicide and has become one of the poster children for the DREAM Act because he wanted to be an American Citizen. He wanted to work hard and contribute to this Nation. He wanted pay taxes and work hard. More importantly, after the United States was attacked on 9-11 -- Joaquin Luna Jr. wanted to enlist to help defend our Nation.
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