Mexican American National Show Host Carlos Galindo Blasts Cuban Ameriacn Jose Diaz-Balart For Tossing Easy Questions To His Republican Brother Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

Carlos Galindo is a Mexican American National Radio Political Show Host who is the first to conduct his show in both English and in Spanish tapping into the Spanish-speaking Latin community  as well as the Chicano and Anglo community. 

He has been calling Cuban-American Jose Diaz-Balart (who is a Telemundo Network News Anchor and host of Enfoque, Sunday public affairs show) to the carpet. In fact, Jose Diaz-Balart blocked Carlos on twitter recently because Carlos believes Spanish media should ask fair questions we see English journalists conducting. 

Many who watch Telemundo do not know Jose Diaz-Balart is related to the Republican Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, and this may be why the Telemundo journalist has been tossing easy questions to Republican politicians on their television programs. Jose Diaz-Balart has had family members who work for the GOP as Republican House of Representatives.

Voting Americans and listeners sense bias --  particularly when Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart is given the microphone to lie about who is obstructing immigration.  Republican Rep. Diaz-Balart is participating in the immigration political football game, and he is insulting our intelligence because it is a documented fact the Democratic-controlled Senate passed immigration reform over 7 months ago with the Republican-led House of Representatives and Speaker Boehner halting immigration reform. 

It is disingenuous for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (Cubano) to say there are many obstacles.  That is not true.  There is one obstacle and that obstacle is the Speaker of the House via Rep. John Boehner.  Of course, Rep. Diaz-Balart doesn't feel the same pressures Mexican American and other Latin groups feel who do not benefit from Cuban amnesty so how could Rep. Diaz-Balart feel our pain?  Rep. Mario Diaz Balart will not understand what an immigrant family from Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador and more goes through because he is Cuban and he knows the majority of Cubanos in Florida don't have to worry about being deported.  

Perhaps it's time for Telemundo to replace Jose Diaz-Balart with a Mexican American journalist since we represent almost 70% of the Spanish speaking audience.  Or, they ought to replace him with another Latino who truly empathizes with those who do not benefit from automatic citizenship or amnesty. 



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