Mexican American Political Radio Host Carlos Galindo Historic Immigration Action Podcast From Live Show

Podcast de 11-20-2014: Obama delinea puntos sobre una Acción Ejecutiva de Inmigración


Carlos Galindo is the host of The Carlos Galindo Show also known as Straight Talk/Hablando Claro Show. The only linguistic code switching political talk show of its kind in the nation. Carlos Galindo is an Immigrant from Mexico who worked the agricultural fields of California with his family before laying roots in the Imperial Valley. Carlos regularly attended Cesar Chavez rallies as a child, and he and his family participated in the Southern California grape strikes. Carlos was one of a handful of children utilized to desegregate all white schools in an affluent all white community in Southern California.   Amongst many activist actions performed as an adult, Carlos led a continuous protest of 56 days against unjust laws at the Arizona State Capitol.








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