Mexican-American Women-led Organization Targets Texas / Competitive Races For Immigration Inaction After Ohio Political Wins

May 8,  2014
Mexican-American Women-led Organization Targets Texas / Competitive Races For Immigration Inaction After Ohio Political Wins 
Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents (SI) is a woman-led organization that encourages Mexican-American Chicanos and Latinos to vote in elections.  We are an organization strictly made of volunteers with several women leaders across the Nation hosting Get Out The Vote drives.  We do not profit from crisis situations, nor do we ask for donations for our activism involvement.  We are American voters.   According to Texas', Border Patrol agents led a raid at a home just east of Edinburg, Texas.  Investigators found 35 undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala inside the house -- many of which are women and children.
The burgeoning Chicano / Latino population have been counting down the days since the Democratic-led Senate passed legal immigration last year in June of 2013. It has been almost one year and we have noticed our do-nothing House of Representatives led by the GOP stall and prevent fixing the clearly broken immigration system. It is becoming increasingly clear to women voters across out Nation that men such as (R-OH) Speaker John Boehner, (R-VA) Republican Leader Eric Cantor and (R-CA) GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy are stalling. These men have encouraged chaos within our broken immigration system by turning a blind eye and simply not carrying out their federal responsibility to fix what is broken. Immigration is a federal issue and these mostly Anglo and white-haired politicians working for our federal government appear to want to obstruct almost everything our first African-American President has set out to do instead of working in a bipartisan fashion solving tough issues. According to IVN: "The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative.”

The men leading the Republican Party do not feel or empathize what women voters feel with regard to the pain we feel with regard to watching undocumented women being separated from small children, or hearing about breastfeeding women and babies being detained in freezer cells. As a result of hearing about immigrant women and babies being detained in freezer cells, we began organizing in Ohio and targeted Ohio women leaders and child advocacy organizations. Our Creator heard our cries. And, we were happy to hear Tea Party Republicans lose in states like Ohio when a Tea Party challenger via Matt Lynch lost to Republican Rep. Dave Joyce. We know the State of Ohio is a key state during Presidential elections.
The Republican-led House of Representatives must understand that while they do nothing, women and children advocates are working harder and stronger to get the message out that these men simply do not care about families being separated in our homeland – rather, they appear to be more concerned with war and issues abroad.
It is our intent to help turn Texas purple and more “Independent” in time for 2016 elections, and we believe we can work with the matriarch Tejanas of Texas. Latinos have already surpassed whites in the State of California, and we believe Texas is next.
As a woman-led organization we simply cannot allow women and children to be victimized again and again as is the case in Edingburg, Texas. The do-nothing House gives us no choice but to work toward decreasing their power in 2014 / 2016 even though we warned them of their immigration inaction consequences before 2012 when President Obama was re-elected. Obama won largely because of women and Latino voters.
Shirl Mora James, Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer states:
"Let us not compound the recent abuse and misery of the victims of the human traffickers east of Edinburg, Texas. The U.S. Government must provide humane treatment of these victims by keeping mothers, fathers, and their children together. These families are just seeking a safer life in the U.S. We must remember, that at one time all non natives were immigrants that did not belong to this continent, these women, men and their children belong to this continent...let them stay in the U.S. with the benefits of the T Visa!"
Carlos Galindo, a National radio political talk show hosts states:
What we saw occur in Edinburg is repeated throughout the United States. Human traffickers exploit women and children as they are held against their will in drop houses, often forced to remain in their underwear to deter the Immigrant from fleeing. The hypocritical labor system currently utilized by our corporations has created an inviting environment that has trapped the Immigrant currently in the U.S. and tempts others to make that treacherous journey across that unforgiving desert. It is high time that this Congress act and tender a reasonable Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the American people."
The religious right are quick to ask for tithes in their churches and rule with the iron fist, yet, they forget what Jesus Christ teaches us with regard to the treatment of our neighbors. In addition, most of the undocumented immigrants have prevented our Nation from going bankrupt because of the competitive labor they have afforded the agricultural industry, the construction industry, the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, etc., while adding jobs in light of the new immigrant entrepreneurial businesses that have been created in our Nation. Undocumented immigrants pays Billion$ into our tax coffers, while bigotry ignores the financial facts.
According to the Tax Lawyer, a paper published by Section of Taxation, American bar Association with the assistance of Georgetown University Law Center, "...each year undocumented immigrants add billions of dollars in sales, excise, property, income, and payroll taxes—including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes—to federal, state, and local coffers.
The Republican Party used to pride itself on strong national security, however, they do not seem to realize there are immigration scam artists out there who benefit financially from a broken immigration system. Fixing the broken immigration system in our Homeland strengthens our National security and our relationships with other neighboring countries who have a growing GDP.
The time is now...
Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues.   We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millenial voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter.
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