Mexican Americans Remember Joaquin Luna Jr With Memorial Walk Signaling 2 Year Anniversary of Thanksgiving Tragedy

We are approaching the 2 year anniversary in remembrance of Joaquin Luna Jr.   Joaquin was a Mexican DREAM Act undocumented student who took his life because he felt he had no hope.  Joaquin was waiting for his DREAM to be fulfilled and this talented young man was not able to see it come into fruition.  This bright young man was on a healthy course had these United States Senators voted in support of the DREAM Act in 2010 because Joaquin was accepted into ITT and Texas A&M and University of Texas – Pan American in Edinburg, TX, and had high hopes.

2 years ago, we immediately asked Senators to pass the DREAM Act before they take their 2011 Christmas vacations in light of Joaquin taking his life the day after Thanksgiving Day 2011, and to prevent more of these tragic situations with kids.   Sen. Dick Durbin heard our cry but we knew Republicans would not think this important enough.   They went on their Christmas or Holiday break ignoring us.

Indeed the Mexican American community was angry when we attributed the blood of Joaquin to the mostly Republican politicians who did not support the DREAM Act vote in 2010 .   55 Democratic Senators voted in support of it with only 3 Republican Senators and 2 Independents helping.  However, a whopping 36 Republican Senators voted against the DREAM Act with 5 Democrats helping them. The House vote consisted of 208 Democratic and only 8 Republican Representatives supporting the DREAM Act of 2010, while a whopping 160 Republicans voted against it with 38 Democrats helping them.   It was now our turn to ignore supporting the Republican Party when the consequence of their "no vote" was delivered to the Republican Party on November 6, 2012.  The Obama win was fueled by Mexican American / Latino muscle.  In fact, shortly after November 2012 elections, McCain tweeted the need for comprehensive immigration reform

A special event will take place in Texas in remembrance of Joaquin Luna Jr. which will begin with a memorial walk using Luna's Dream T-Shirts, and we will end the walk at his final resting place.  Pastor Bustos will lead us in prayer a few words from Luna Lerma family, and DeeDee Garcia Blase of Somos Independents  and Tania Chávez of LUPE will be speakers.

DATE: Monday,  November 25, 2013

TIME:  10:00 am

LOCATION:  1 1/2 S Abram Rd Mission TX 78574


Design by Sam Gomez
Design by Sam Gomez
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