Michele Reagan Running for Secretary of State While Teaming Up With Extremist Kris Kobach Could Co$t Her and Arizona

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is at risk with losing his seat for essentially running all over the country picking ideological fights instead of focusing on Kansas business. 

According to New York Times:

Ms. Schodorf, a former Republican state senator  accused Mr. Kobach of creating a “mess” in the secretary of state’s office while traveling the country to pick ideological fights. These include lobbying the Texas Legislature to allow shooting feral hogs from helicopters.

Michele Reagan who is also running for Arizona Secretary of State, used to be a moderate, but that is no longer the case when she was endorsed by the extremist Kris Kobach who is the Secretary of State for Kansas.  This ought to be concerning to every Arizona independent registered voter as Kris Kobach was deemed one of the worst Republicans in history.

Is this what Arizonans want?

Why would Michele Reagan keep an endorsement by extremist Kris Kobach considering his dismal failures at the expense of tax payer dollars?

Let me be clear:  Kris Kobach has an extreme election voting history that cost a town millions of dollars in legal fees.  According to The Cost Of Being Kris Kobach’s Guinea Pig:

Kobach was behind an ordinance in Farmers Branch, Texas, that required people to prove they were in the country legally in order to rent a home and one in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, that would have penalized people who rent to or employ undocumented immigrants. Both ordinances were struck down by federal courts, and neither town succeeded in appealing those decisions to the Supreme Court.

In August, the Dallas Morning News reported that Farmers Branch, a town of 29,000 people, had already spent $6 million defending the law since it was first passed in 2006, and expected to pay $2 million in legal fees for its opponents if it lost in the courts. The town has already been forced to cut back in other areas of its budget in order to keep up with the costs of defending the ordinance, despite a $500,000 contribution from real estate heir Trammell Crow.

Meanwhile, Hazleton reported last year that it had spent nearly $500,000 on legal fees since 2006, financed mostly from donations from an online fundraising campaign, along with a $50,000 gift from Crow. But the Hazleton Standard Speaker reports today that the city’s legal defense fund has dried up and it’s facing the possibility of paying millions of dollars in legal fees for civil rights groups that challenged the law. The town of 25,000 faces these costs on top of a pension fund deficit of over $28 million.  MORE>>>





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