Missing Central American / Latin American Refugee Children Hotline

Regarding Central American minor children held at detention centers:   Missing children stories are being reported where relatives of minor Central American / Latin American children who are being held in Texas or Arizona detention centers are not able to be located. Parents are frantic because they cannot locate their child.

Arizona Immigration Lawyer Ruben Reyes has informed us of the following HOTLINE NUMBER effective tomorrow morning on June 20, 2014, in order for relatives to locate their children who recently came to our Nation and are part of the massive influx of Central Americans that took place earlier this month. 

We encourage relatives or parents to download the reunification packet provided here: http://www.uacportal.org/ 


Office of Refugee Resettlement



*A Hotline for relatives / parents who are missing their children, and may help assist them in locating their child. 



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