Clark County Fair Cancels as More Ted Nugents Shut Up & Jam Concerts 4 Concerts in 4 Days!

"Another one bites the dust." - Queen


We know about the Casinos who are cancelling Ted Nugent shows, but this time it is a Clark County fair who is cancelling a Ted Nugent show.  Geez ... looks like the Nuge can't even hold a county fair job down. 

Just in from KXL:


Sorry to break it to you Ted Nugent fans.  The rocker won’t play a show at the Clark County Fair this summer.

Did a contractual stranglehold kill plans to have him perform?  Fair contracts say performers can’t play other gigs with in a certain distance and time of their fair concert.  Nugent has two shows in Tacoma two days before the fair.  The fair manager says he never would have booked Ted Nugent if he knew about those other shows.

Nugent is known as a gun rights guy and a petition has been floating around urging the fair to drop him from their line -up.


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