Mr. President, Please pardon Veterans Who Honorably Served Our Nation Yet Were Deported.

Dear, President Obama,

As a veteran who honorably served our Nation's military, I would like to make a special request of you to pardon other military veterans who were deported even though they served our Nation (these vets received an honorably discharge).  They deserve a pardon and did their time serving our Nation with courage.  I am learning that other deported veterans were deported after they were drafted in the Vietnam war.  It is egregious to hear that deported veterans can only come back to American soil after they are dead in order to be buried with other vets.  

As your term nears to an end, please consider deported all deported veterans who were drafted into our wars and give them pardon.  Please pardon all veterans who served our Nation honorably with honorable discharge.  Some are suffering from PTSD and need help right away.  Many who suffer have no access to Veteran health care in Mexico and there ought to be an outlet that gives help to those who deserve it.

While cowards like Donald Trump were looking for ways to dodge the draft, these men courageously raised their right hand, gave an oath and swore to protect our United States Constitution.

Thank you.

Best regards,


DeeDee Garcia Blase




(Above Left to Right:   Hector Barajas, DeeDee Blase, Mark Lane)

While others work on a long term arduous legislative processes on legislative bills....I'll go direct and work on pardons for Veterans who honorably served our Nation with an honorable discharge...yet got deported. If the got damned military is willing to draft Mexicanos...they got damned well had better make them deserved citizens. It's absolute HORSE SHIT that these deported veterans won't be able to step foot on American soil unless they are dead so that they can be buried with the other vets.

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All these Veterans must return to American soil immediately!
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