National Mexican American / Latino Voter Group To GOP Chair Reince Priebus: 2013 Immigration Inaction Will Cost You 2014 Seats in Competitive Districts

National Mexican American / Latino Voter Group To GOP:  2013 Immigration Inaction Will Cost You 2014 Seats in Competitive Districts
"Let my People go and come out from hiding, they have helped our economy and agricultural industry go from being bankrupt helping keep our food source costs down. Give them a sense of dignity."
Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents is a national group of key swing registered independent voters led by Mexican American women.  The Republican Party suffers with both women and Hispanic voters and their inaction on immigration reform will cost them 2014 seats in Republican competitive districts.  We have no choice but to micro target seats widely viewed as the 20 most competitive ones currently held by Republican incumbents. The districts surveyed were: CA-10, CA-21, CO-6, FL-2, FL-10, IA-3, IL-13, IN-2, MI-1, MI-7, MI-11, MN-2, NE-2, NV-3, NY-11, NY-19, NY-23, OH-6, OH-14, PA-8. 
In addition to the 20 seats our women led group will target, our voter group will continue to target high Hispanic populated areas including top 20 states with significant Latino growth and population shifts. We are tired of the lip service we receive from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus who signals to the media a 14 month delay showing his lack of urgency
The Republican Majority House Leader John Boehner (one of the highest paid government officials getting paid almost a quarter of a million dollars per year with our tax dollars) adjusted the House of Representatives schedule cutting Congressional working days in 2013 and giving themselves extended breaks. We will remind American voters how the Republican-led House of Representatives chose to ignore fixing the broken immigration system that enhances our National Security.  If a National tragic event occurs while the GOP-led House of Representatives enjoy their extended Holiday breaks, we will tie that event like a millstone to their necks because we warned them and they are the ones who control the House schedule.  Americans pay over $75 million per year in order to fund 435 House of Representatives and there is no reason why the GOP should ignore National Security measures in our Homeland right now as we see them still bickering on issues "abroad" involving Benghazi, Syria and Iran. 
We have warned Speaker John Boehner of immigration scam artists out there who benefit financially from a broken immigration system and who want to bring back all 1.7 million immigrants who have already been deported to include dangerous and real criminals.  The Mexican American / Chicano  community has demonstrated our loyalty and patriotism for our Nation in reporting these pseudo immigration activists who ask for donations to conduct "legal coyote" work by reporting these concerns to the FBI, the DHS and the DOJ. The immigration issue is a federal matter that must be solved by Congress, and our community is not in favor of bringing back the real dangerous criminal element. We will always support good immigrants who aspire to be Americans that can only contribute to our economy paving the way for new tax payers we will need to take care of our aging white population with regard to the burgeoning social security government benefits they depend on.    As such, Republicans have an opportunity to help eliminate those who profit and benefit from a broken immigration system in the name of National and Economic security. 
According to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, we have the legal comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) votes with 190 cosponsors on H.R.15 and 28 Republicans vowing support. We know we have the votes in support of CIR now, but the GOP chooses to remain stubborn like the Pharaoh of Egypt despite our several warnings to their leaders.   When the GOP refused to support the DREAM Act in 2010, Mexican American / Latinos warned them of the 2012 consequences.  When the GOP refused to support an emergency Joaquin Luna Jr. DREAM Act in 2011 in light of a DREAMer losing hope and committed suicide the day after Thanksgiving Day on November 25, 2011, it gave us fuel and a reminder to not support and give the GOP an incentive during the November 2012 elections.  
Now here we are today, in 2013 warning the GOP yet again that if they do not fix the broken immigration system in 2013, we will vow to ensure they lose power they are currently enjoying in the House of Representatives come 2014 that may end up giving us a sweeter CIR deal.  Make no mistake, inaction and lack of urgency in 2013 with regard to immigration reform will remain fresh in our Mexican American / Latino minds during the 2014 election year.  The GOP might believe it is on an upward swing with regard to the Hispanic vote in light of the Governor Chris Christie win, however, we know that Anglos make the mistake of lumping Spanish-speaking Latinos in one big pile.  For instance, it is disingenuous to believe the son of Cuban immigrant Senator Ted Cruz has agency to speak on behalf of the Mexican American voters who represent almost 70% of the entire Latino population pie.  
Carlos Galindo is the first Mexican American nationally syndicated political talk show host conducting his radio program in both Spanish and in English.  He is expanding his audience in more key markets expressing his patriotic and pro immigrant views that helps our hurting community.  On the heels of Speaker Boehner Ruling Out Negotiations on Immigration, Carlos Galindo tells his audience the consequences of Republican Majority Leader Boehner turning his back on the Latino community.
Our demographics and the arc of justice bend in our favor, and with the internet age we live , the GOP can no longer insult our intelligence with false perceptions. We know and understand what is going on. With approximately 500,000 new coming of age Latin voters per year, it would be wise for the GOP to take care of business before they go on their Christmas or Holiday break.  
If Republicans in the House choose to remain stiff-necked despite our "2014" warning, perhaps a few hearts might be softened as we invite them to attend the Joaquin Luna Jr., Memorial Walk in Texas so they can witness firsthand how the broken immigration system directly affects Mexican American and  Latinos across the Nation.  If the GOP continues to ignore their hearts to be softened, we dare them to see this suicide note by a Jesus-believing reglious DREAMer who knew God would not request "papers" in order to be accepted into Heaven - his deep love for God and his fellow man were part of Joaquin's daily walk. 
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