Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford committed to supporting Immigration Reform; Voters calling 8 Dems Who Voted For Shutdown

Rep. Horsford says he will support immigration reform.

Rep. Horsford says he will support immigration reform.

American Independent registered voters who are legal immigration reform activists have been hawkish with 9 Democrats who voted with Tea Party GOP on government shutdown. Quite frankly, we are tired of immigration being used as a wedge or political issue to blame the other side, and this is precisely why there are Mexican American Latinos leaving the two major party system to become independents. I left the Republican Party for good and became a registered independent voter in light of the Republican anti-immigrant stance. We have been informed we no longer have to worry about Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford according to Nevada leader via Fernando Romero. Fernando Romero writes:

"....My good friends of Somos Independents, this clip of a press conference that took place this afternoon in DC will serve to dispel ANY DOUBTS as to Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford's stance on CIR. I've been in this fight for 46 years and support him without reservation...."

We want to thank (D) Rep. Steven Horsford for supporting legal immigration reform. We know the immigration system is broken and it must be fixed at the federal level, since it is a federal issue under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.

We also want it to be clear that we are keeping track of both sides of the political aisle, and as American voters who have a responsibility to be informed while influencing public policy, we will hold both Republicans and Democrats accountable in future political election cycles if they use immigration as a wedge issue.  We do not want the immigration issue to be used as a political football any more.

We are calling the other 8 Democratic House Representatives who voted with the Tea Party GOP to shutdown the Government.  Mexican American Latino Independent registered voters will not support the below 8 Congressmen unless they support legal immigration reform.

Please email, call and twitter the below Representatives and ask them if they will support legal immigration reform.


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona) 202-225-9888   @repsinema  Email [email protected]

Rep. Ron Barber (Arizona) 202.225.2542   @RepRonBarber [email protected]

Rep. John Barrow (Georgia) 202.225.2823  @repjohnbarrow [email protected]

Rep. Dan Maffei (New York) 202.225.3701 @RepDanMaffei

Rep. Sean Maloney (New York) 202.225.5441 @RepSeanMaloney

Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah) 202.225.3011  @RepJimMatheson [email protected]

Rep. Mike McIntyre (North Carol) 202.225.2731 @RepMikeMcIntyre [email protected]

Rep. Raul Ruiz (California) 202.225.5330 @CongressmanRuiz [email protected]

Via Haime Xvier Badillo in Spanish:

Lista de Democratas que votaron para shutdown el gobierno…devemos cuidarnos de ellos no nos vallan dar para abajo con la reforma…y hay que presionarlos en twitter….alguien sabe sus cuentas?

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona)
Rep. Ron Barber (Arizona)
Rep. John Barrow (Georgia)
Rep. Dan Maffei (New York)
Rep. Sean Maloney (New York)
Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (North Carolina)
Rep. Raul Ruiz (California)

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