New Poll: Clinton trounces Trump in Miami-Dade

According to the Miami Herald:

Hillary Clinton is so much more popular than Donald Trump among Miami-Dade County voters that even a significant number of Republicans support her in the likely presidential match-up, a new local poll has found.  Clinton leads Trump by a whopping 52-25 percent, with 23 percent of respondents undecided, according to the poll by Bendixen & Amandi International for the Miami Herald, el Nuevo Herald, WLRN and Univision 23.

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I have enjoyed a little breather on the Presidential election race because I know Hillary will be the Democratic nominee despite playing whack-a-mole with Bernie. We also knew Trump would be the GOP candidate, too. But here is where I get to say: "I told you so" .... Moderate voters are the ones who decide the win in elections [Pareto Rule or 80/20], not extremist far right or far left fringe groups. Do you really think I would support the "self proclaimed democratic socialist" knowing god damned well we would lose the key swing state of Florida with that bullshit? Do you know how many Cuban families live there who HATE Fidel Castro? Same with Trump and his anti immigrant bullshit. Now we are seeing (as we predicted several months ago) how Republican voters are starting to get behind Hillary now that they see Trump as their GOP nominee.


Because they at least moderate Republicans a/k/a #‎ReaganVoters know Hillary has the experience. [Remember: Reagan was a former long time Democat when he led in Cali and they are still a force to be reckoned with.] Whereas Trump is in it for himself. Trump doesn't give a shit about the middle class and certainly not the poor. The comments Trump has made against immigrants will cost him with the old guard Cuban immigrants living in Florida, and Miami is a key area when it comes to deciding Presidential cycles.

It's nice knowing that our energy, time and money brought us this far (if you are a Hillary supporter). We can never assume she is going to win, and we must act like she will lose despite several who thinks she is already President. Yes, of course we know moderates are going to prefer the one with more experience, but .... WOMEN WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THAT THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM WITH MALE CHAUVINISTS WHO FEAR A STRONG WOMAN IN POWER. Male chauvinism is very real, and we must never let our guard down to that regard. Never.

And as a key swing independent voter (supporting Hillary), it is my job to convince the Indies, Republican moderates why Hillary is better than Trump to run this country -- particularly when The Economist has already classified a Donald Trump win as a global risk / threat.

I believe I have to do my job in convincing the moderate Republicans, key swing independent voters, and etc, to vote Hillary, because too many of us die hard immigration advocates spent YEARS and YEARS on what we have now with DACA and DAPA. President Obama helped immigrants with his executive orders via #‎DAPA and #‎DACA, and you can bet your ass a Republican President will turn the clock backwards on that. DAPA and DACA is a band aid that helps a little keeping families together. Too many people forget that when the Democratic Party owned the Senate -- they PASSED immigration reform in 2013 only for it to be quashed by the Republican-owned House of Representatives!!!

Bottom line: Hard core #‎immigrant advocates like myself have spent our #‎Tears, our years, our passion, lots of money, thousands of hours in time trying to effect change with our broken immigration policies. And to be honest, I can't stand Bernie's vote against CIR and protecting the minutemen, and I certainly cannot stand Trump's immigration views and policies that have only increased hate crimes against Chicanos and Latinos in our Nation.



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